Friday, July 02, 2010

we interupt our popsicle themed decor for some photos


uz I'm a good mom....or because I'm crazy...I find myself sitting outside around 4:30 each Thursday afternoon waiting for a swim meet to start. And this is a special kind of torture.

Don't get me wrong. I love having my kids involved in the swim programs every summer. It's great exercise, it gives them something to do every morning that gets them out of the house and moving, they have friends at the pools, it teaches discipline, and frankly, since it's so darn hot here in Arizona, and since so many people have pools, I think it's almost child abuse to NOT make sure your kids are good swimmers. But being a good swimmer doesn't require that you do swim team, that just something we've always opted to do. And there are plenty of other parents sitting there in the heat I am not unique in my support of my children.


Yesterday we were at a pool that we've never swam at before. And there was virtually no shade at all, especially if you wanted to see anything about what was going on in the pool. And as I sat down on my chair waiting for my kids to swim their warm up laps, wearing a linen shirt (my bad) I thought....holy CRAP it's hot. My friend said her car thermometer said it was 117, that may have been off, but it was at least 112. at 4:30 in the afternoon, in no shade, donning some linen, that's freaking hot.

Anyway, rather than sit and swelter, I found this really cool (not as in temperature cool, but as in an art installation kind of cool) sidewalk leading to the pool where some people had dumped their ice from their ice chests and so I took photos of it while I was waiting, just to keep my mind of being so darn hot. The sidewalk was engraved with a poem about rain, and pools and water.

I really like how they turned out. They were suppose to be part of my 365 project, where I just do one photo a day (or more accurately, I chose one photo a day) but I kind of like all of these and might have a hard time just choosing one.

Do you have a favorite?


Selena said...

I like the vamos a nadar, but my favorite it "fuego." It is a literal and figurative juxtaposition of fire and ice that just makes me smile!

Bandanamom said...

Thanks Selena, I think I like that one the most too!


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