Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Back to Popsicles...Blue Raspberry


lot of blues to love in the world. Here I'm focusing on some of the bolder brighter hues. May you be in inspired! :

Is this not one of the most heavenly loft spaces you've ever seen? I love pairing the greens with the blues.

Great idea for an attic loft and gives it a very 'beachy' feel with this paint treatment.

Great color, also love the idea of the ASL symbols as wall art!

I swear this looks like someone's grandmas home that I visited in my childhood...uber retro-chic.

BIG sigh....don't you adore that blue with that chair and all the white? How can you not?

Just a great color to pull this all together with the red cabinets...

I love the blue, but I also think this is one of the BEST ways for quick fix with old cabinet faces. Sometimes you just can't afford to be ripping cabinets out right away and I did this with the cabinets in my house for the first 7 years or so until we could afford to re-do the kitchen. REALLY solves the problem. And you can try a million different little stencil designs until you find something that works for you.

Color combo love....

Just an awesome blue...

OHHHHH! AWWWWW~~~ I love how white and how much light is coming into this space with this blue tile in this kitchen. Almost makes me want to change mine. I have almost no natural light in my kitchen and some day, I'd really like to do a sky light in there. I love these colors. What a happy place!

Same kind of thing going on here. Notice how the cabinets and counters don't look all that new but the space still looks cool. I get so bored on the design shows where they are ripping out all the old stuff and installing new wood and new counters. Most of the time I think they're really boring. And honestly? I think a lot of those marble counter tops that everyone thinks they have to have? They're going to look like that weird starry and dotty formica from the 50s that everyone came to regret. I truly think all those counters are going to end up looking dated, no matter how expensive they were. Think simple.

Love the black & white curtain with this color...

Great retro-ish bedroom and great blue, the one below is the same room, different angle

Now you like it even more right? Thought so...

Same's a great color!

I just loved this blue and this sweet little corner....spare, but precious.

Love this idea for a nursery, I tried to do something very similar to this with my middle child's crib, with the bird idea. Not the color though - I love this color.

Again, this is a different angle on that bathroom above, I love the juxtapostion of the black and white and then the green and white with this blue. It just REALLY works.

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Gayle K. said...

Love every single blue example here! Might be biased though--blue is my favorite color. :)


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