Friday, July 16, 2010

I miss Sixx Design...but Jeff Lewis Returns Next Month!


s it pathetic that my moods sometimes are deeply affected by whatever the Bravo line-up currently is?

I swear sometimes I only watch Bravo and HGTV.

This year Bravo had a new show based on a family design (husband and wife team) called Sixx Design (the show on Bravo was 9 by design...because they are actually a family of 9. Oh how I adored their design sensibility. It's much closer to my own taste than any design I've ever seen featured on a tv show.

It seemed like a really short season, maybe because they were just trying it out - but I think (hopefully) they'll be renewed for another season. I just loved all their crazy ideas.

And I've been missing my Jeff Lewis since his season ended sometime last fall, but last night I saw the first commercial that season 4 of Jeff and his craziness OCD'ness will return in a few weeks.

My love for Jeff Lewis is completely unreasonable and probably slightly (or greatly) dysfunctional. I used to work with someone who was as unreasonable and demanding and crazed as Jeff (though not nearly as funny). And sometimes I wish I could call Jeff up and say "please hire me...I totally know how to take the abuse and I will gladly take it just to be in your messed up psychotic presence for each day of my life...because I'm a masochist like that...I will walk your dogs, and take your cat to the pet shrink, and I will make sure your order has no onions...and I will make your drink 90% sprite with 10% fruit punch...because I love 75% ice with 95% diet coke with 5% Dr. Pepper...just hire me and you will see). I know that's jacked up. But that's just how I roll. But I digress...

Sixx Design.

So please enjoy these lovely designs because just looking at them makes me happy and I really hope they renew them for another season (and in the meantime...the countdown has begun for Jeff Lewis and his design craziness)

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