Friday, September 12, 2008

"Anonymous" Shows True Colors

In case you do not always read the comments on blogs, I am posting this gem, which I received this morning. Imagine for a moment what it is like to know that this is the type of person I am going to church with - as I am fairly certain this is someone that I know - it's certain that they are from Phoenix (perhaps they do not realize they were identified as such by their IP). This is the kind of judgment my right to vote as my heart sees fit is meet with. I don't know whether to be angry or sad for this person. Clearly, satan is having his way with them and leading them gently by the hand in all their smug truly sad....

It is a sad day, when people who purport themselves to be so righteous support an agenda with a platform built on abortion, gay rights, and weakening our internal security-and the deterioration of the family unit.

If you honestly support Obama, then you need to quit pretending you support the gospel of Jesus Christ--as your are living in a fantasy world without the reality of actual firm righteous convictions. You may think you are being open-minded and progressive, but all you you do is make excuses why you don't have a testimony of the prophet of the Living God.

I'm sure you will dismiss this post as another radical attack. However, right is right--truth is truth and never changes--and even if you put lipstick on it, it is still a pig.

I would suggest you spend your time pondering whether or not you really believe the gospel to be true or not. From your negative spirit and your willingness to play the victim when someone disagrees with your erroneous point of view, I would guess that you are not on the road to're already there, ready to drag others down with you.

Your children deserve better, but I am sure they have already adopted your ambivalent and negative attitude. Agency does not give us the right to interpret the affairs of the world for our own benefit or to assuage those principles we deem difficult. You are not the smartest person in the universe (quite a shock I am sure). Your opinion does not connote truth and morality.

You definitely need to be admonished to be a single-minded moral person, and not someone who is tossed about with every wind of doctrine. You are on the wrong path and without repentance and the ability to listen to the spirit, you will never understand the righteousness and blessings the Lord has in store for you.

Read the scriptures, for in them you will find eternal life, a knowledge and testimony of the Savior, and the ability to understand the inanity of your current path.

No doubt you will dismiss this as another wild and crazy zealot. And you couldn't be further from the truth. You have gathered around you other disaffected souls who are as unhappy in life as you appear to be. Life doesn't have to be that way.

Whatever your assessment of this comment, I hope you will, indeed, understand there are people who agonize over the fact you have left the path and will rejoice when you find it again. Humility is the key.

We love you and wish the best for you. Listen to the still small voice and you will understand the truth of what I say.

May God bless you and your family.


Cynthia said...

Why are those kind of comments always sent "anonymous"? Erroeous point of view? on the road to apostacy? That is absolutely crazy talk! Yay for you for posting it. I would have just deleted it.

PS You ARE the smartest person in the universe!

Heidi said...


Shannon and Tupou said...

I am totally shocked and appalled.
And I second Cynthia's judgment...definitley the smartest person in the universe ;)

Anonymous said...

I need a throw-up pan.

Don't you just love the concern and nurture in the tone of this cowardly assault?

Anonymous said...

I guess "the smartest person in the universe" missed the point entirely, as usual. It must be great to know you are influencing so many other broken spirits in the Tao of Lezlee. I'm positive you'll be a general authority soon!

Oh, and we post things anonymously because we do not wish to receive your misguided "Mormon" wrath. You are the one who wants celebrity, not us.

If you have a right to a liberal "opinion", then at least be fair enough to allow others to have one too. You could have deleted this, if it offended you (which obviously it did). But you chose to show your own true colors by once again pretending injustice, malice, hurt feelings, and on and on and on. Oh, now I need a throw up pan, since I'm such a coward.

Bandanamom said...

Wow. This is amazing is it not?

Shando said...


Why is your cell not charged when I am trying to call with good news!

We had my nephew do the link on the IP address and found out who is your anonymous commentor.

It is exactly who we thought it was! Good to know they belong to our church, maybe a RS lesson on Judge not lest ye be judged is in order.

Lucky to be best friends with the "smartest person in the universe".

Oh ya, sorry you had so much fun at lunch..I guess you forgot you are supposed to be unhappy and miserable.

Téa said...

That was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor when I read that comment on the other post.

That was the sound of my palm smacking my forehead as my flabbergastedness increased with the follow-up comment.

56 men signed the Declaration of Independence, so sure of its words. 15 Apostles signed the "The Living Christ" to testify to its truthfulness. Candidates for office put their personal endorsement on each campaign TV ad, radio spot, billboard or street sign, to show that she or he believes in what is being said. Anon's refusal to stand by what has been posted speaks volumes.

Perhaps Anon could benefit from a refresher course about the history of the USA's two party system among members of the LDS Church. I know dear President Faust was a registered Democrat, and anyone who's watched "The Other Side of Heaven" will recall it was not a Republican that was cheered by the Groberg family. These are familiar, prominent examples representative of many true & faithful members throughout the United States of America.

Most importantly, the Church has issued multiple statements emphasizing that there are many parts of politics from **both** US major parties in harmony with Gospel teachings. Browse the Newsroom at, Anon, and I know you'll come away enlightened and full of appreciation for the wisdom of our beloved Church leaders, teaching and leading as Christ would have them do.

My name is Téa and I approve this message

Heidi said...

I had to come back to your blog to see if "anonymous" replied. I really hope you do not know this person--I hope I do not know them either. Disagree with someone's opinion - fine, but personal blows are not cool.

Anonymous said...

Obviously your cohorts do not understand that "no man can serve two masters" and the gospel is not open for personal interpretation--especially yours. I am glad not to know your "buddies", since they seem to also be devoid of the ability to discern light from darkness. It must be comforting to live in such an ignorant, smug little world.

You have chosen to open your "blog" to anonymous comments. It is interesting that, when you receive one, you are quick to unrighteously judge its origin and not only dismiss plain and simple truths, but feign offense as well.

No more time will be wasted ready your inane musings. If you don't want anonymous comments, then change your settings--it's a simple process.

And Téa, thanks for the reference--I'm so stupid I've never studied or read any history--thanks for opening my eyes. Too bad you don't seem to understand what every prophet has taught since Adam. I guess that's why things are repeated so much at church--for people like you. Did I miss the part where I even mentioned my party affiliation? When you assume facts not in evidence, you show your blatant ignorance. I guess I can gather you are pro-abortion then? That's following the "beloved" (this is where Téa sheds her on-cue Sadducee tear) brethren, isn't it? You're the best!

This has nothing to do with a "two party system" and everything to do with someone whining constantly about being a "victim". Get over it. Get on with your life. And stop boring everyone with your inability to cope with a contrary opinion. Read your references again (maybe the 3rd time will be the charm) and live by their precepts. And (if you are even a Mormon) try to actually understand what you have read and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. You, and the rest of your lackluster naysayers, apparently think that politics and the gospel are two different entities. You probably also think your business practices have nothing to do with your religion as well. I'm sure you compromise whatever you deem convenient.

Have a great time commiserating your false hurt feelings amongst your sad cronies. I guess I won't take offense at being called crazy, cowardly, and other unchristian epithets. My how hostile you all are to an opposing opinion. I personally think all of your comments are cowardly, inappropriate, and extremely personal. So I guess you are no better than your detractors, no?

Well, I've put enough lipstick on pigs for one day. And it's really been great seeing your "true colors", but I'm done. Where's my throw-up pan when I need it?

Rachel said...

Whoa!!!! (as said in my best Joey Lawrence voice)

Queen of Chaos said...

Holy moly! Calm down, 'Anonymous'! Lezlee, and you, live in this country to FREELY choose their affiliations. Remember that our Father in heaven doesn't force anyone to do anything neither does He manipulate them into His wishes either.

Why the blantent and harsh words? Have you ever hear this? 'If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all?"

Please- go vote for who YOU want and leave Lezlee to do the same.

Queen of Chaos said...


Though I'm not an Obama girl, I'm proud of you for being willing to share your opinions and views.

This is what America stands for. We are each free to choose and it's glorious! No matter what others may think- YOU are in charge of YOU.

I just find it hard to swallow when people leave negative comments. If we can't support one another in their endevors then we should keep our mouths shut.

I had someone named 'Anonymous' who left a sour and hurtful comment on my blog awhile back after I shared an excerpt from a novel I'm writing. They didn't agree with it- but instead of leaving it at that they had to question my beliefs and suggested I need to study church doctrine more since I obviously hadn't or I would'nt of written that particular scene so simplistically.

Why the attack? I don't know. But I do know that it was uncalled for. I think we should stand by the rule we've been taught since we were children when it comes to leaving comments on others blogs..."If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all."

ecc said...

OMG!!! wait a moment I need to catch my breath...Ok i'm good now. First off there are so many things wrong in that comment. And the most hurtful is that lezlee is influencing how her kids talk! And think. She does not. In fact she supports anything her kids believe in. If Holden were to turn republican. She would be ok with it. And I know this for a FACT. Just so you know I'm kinda young so I may have mis said things in this comment. But basically shut up anonumous!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked the McCain/Palin campaign has not called Anon to task for repeating Obama's insulting comment about putting lipstick on a pig!

Anon's comments seem like a parody, a satire. It is hard to take them seriously.

But, for what it is worth, I too am a Phoenix Latter-day Saint supporting Obama (with stickers on both cars).

I am also a member of Democrats for Life, a pro-life group within the party (just as there is a pro-choice caucus within the GOP).

Like Doug Kmiec, a devout pro-life catholic who formerly served as a prominent Romney advisor but who now supports Obama, I do not agree with Obama or the party platform with respect to abortion. But like Kmiec, I think Obama is the best candidate running. He is intelligent, even handed, open minded, articulate, deliberate, and has the temperament it takes to be the kind of leader I want this country to have.


Anonymous said...

Wow, how horribly mean and hateful.

We are so blessed to live in a country where we can vote for who we want and nobody can or should even try to take that away from us.

What ever...Vote your heart out! Most importanly just vote!!!

kuri said...

"Humility is the key."

Irony is dead.

nshumate said...

I'm a likely McCain/Palin voter. But I'm tempted to vote for O! simply because I don't want to be on the same side as Anonymous.

John R. said...

I have never read a more narrow-minded, ego-filled, self-righteous diatribe in my life. It's ridiculous, childish, and furthermore, grossly audacious to ever think you can divine someone else's character and testimony by their political preference.

May I remind Anon that the First Presidency has strongly counseled against such talk. Actually, you might find even stronger counsel in Matthew 5-7. You might want to take a look at that, Anon.

I am a returned missionary, married in the temple, full-tithe payer, and I fulfill my calling the best I can. And guess, what? In 40 some odd days I will be casting a vote for Barack Obama.

If I'm going to hell just for that, I'll be sure to save Anon a seat.

smed said...

Wow! I was looking for a site on Mormons for Obama and came across this.

I'm shocked at the tone and anger from "anon". I'm sure he or she is "well intended" -- but so was President Bush when he took office... LOL

I've had some of my BYU buddies suggest that I'm on the road to apostasy by voting for Obama. It is quite sad.


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