Friday, September 19, 2008

Enough political drama for at least a month or two...

Just a couple more thoughts about the political drama and then I'm totally going to give it a rest for a while.

Thanks to everyone who posted supportive comments, I really appreciated it - especially since many of those nice comments were people who will vote exactly opposite of me in November. It gives me faith in humanity.

Thanks to Tea for the post on her blog and on waters of mormon - I thought it provided an interesting discussion. I also had a couple of good email exchanges with people that I thought were good as well and helped me to have a chance to explain my views and hopefully, helped me to understand other people better as well.

I dont' know for sure who anon. is though I have some evidence to indicate that I do know. So if anon is reading this - just know that honestly, I don't hold any ill-will against you. I'm sure you thought you were saying something helpful? true? deeply felt? know, I'm not honestly sure what you thought you were accomplishing - but at any rate, rest assured, my testimony is strong. My entire life revolves around church and my membership in this church in some way or another - my testimony and my deeply held beliefs are what lead me to conclude as I do regarding politics. I'm sure yours do as well. That's what is amazing about the gospel - there will be no perfect government until Christ reigns...until then, we all just have to follow our conscience. I actually feel kind of sorry for anon. if they allow themselves on a regular basis to feel this kind of contempt for their fellow church members. But maybe it's just me they don't like. And I'm totally okay with that.

Up next, I'll be a little more light hearted and do a post on music or something.


I am Boymom said...

You know, I personally appreciate that you took the time to explain your thoughts to me, it helped me understand and get to know you better. And while I can honestly say we are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum on some things, it was very interesting to see how close we were on other issues. At any rate, one has to be very careful about judging others. Anonymous seems to be wound pretty tightly, which can happen around election time. I love that our religion allows for people to experience life and the gospel at whatever place they are in life. We don't all have to be like minded to live the gospel. It is all-inclusive and works for every person, regardless of their issues, beliefs or station in life. While they may not agree with your politics, I hope Anonymous will take the time to recognize the good things about you, Lezlee. They are myriad. And this is just a personal opinion, but there seems to be some underlying feelings attached to Anon's "call to repentance" which would lead me to think this started as more of a personal issue and morphed into something're me, the amatuer psychologist, it seems like maybe they just don't like you. Bummer.

Shannon and Tupou said...

Lezlee - I can't tell you how validating it is for me to read your blog. "my testimony and my deeply held beliefs are what lead me to conclude as I do regarding politics." - I feel exactly the same way! My political beliefs are a direct result of my understanding of the the teachings of Jesus Christ. Of course I don't support every doctrine of the party I affiliate with. I think that anyone who allows ANY party to dictate their thoughts on every topic does so out of naievity and ignorance. It just so happens that one party espouses the principles that are more in line with my beliefs - fairness, equality, free will and compassion. Thank you for not being afraid to express your opinion...and putting your name to it.

Queen of Chaos said...

This makes me smile. :)

I just have to say that this post shows who you really are.

Bandanamom said...

Thanks Geri - I thought we had a good dialogue! I find that most of the time people on both sides of the political spectrum can find common ground. At at the very least we can respect each other's views. (plus some people, like you, are very easy to respect, because you are smart and you've thought about the issues enough to know where you stand and why...that will always get my respect)

Shannon - you're awesome. It's always fun when I like someone but then I find out just how much I like someone, how much I have in common with them, etc.

Autumn - thanks for your nice thoughts!

Suzanne said...

Hey Lezlee, I have to say, I'm glad we're putting that whole thing away because it made me crazy. I didn't post because I had too many conflicting thoughts and was afraid I would put something in writing that I would regret later. I really appreciated the many comments of tolerance and love as I feel that is the heart of what Christ taught and what I personally embrace.
I do think it was extremely personal and had little to do, really, with your political views.


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