Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's Think Happy Thoughts Shall We?

Green has always been my favorite color. But lately I find myself very drawn to combinations of black and white with green or green and brown - and sometimes a splash of pink.

I promise I'll do another blog next week on another room in my house. I really need to get cracking on that. Part of the problem is that there are a lot of accessories and things I would like to add or change and this time of year is usually when I try not to spend too much money in anticipation of Christmas. So some things I'd like to do might have to wait.

But in the meantime Here are some very inspiring and beautiful photos of interiors and exteriors I'd like to copy.

Doesn't the pop of pink just add so much here? Love it.

and how awesome is this green comfy chair? How can you not adore it? I had to buy a jacket this color the other day because 1. It was on an amazing sale and 2. It was this lovely fall -like kelly green that is absolutely adorable.

Next up is a kitchen I think is gorgeous, but I think more than anything I love the lighting. I have lighting in my kitchen that I like but these are awesome. And for other great lighting ideas Brown design just wrote a blog on copying great light ideas (the link to Brown Design is on my sidebar). I heart Brown Design and their impeccable california design taste. I would love to emulate a lot of what they are able to do with a space.


Cynthia said...

Love the colors.
Rachel is getting ready to decorate her first apartment and she is loving black and white and green.
Are you really ready to do a big makeover? or are you just thinking right now?

I am Boymom said...

I love the blues and greens with the texture of the wicker or woven furniture on that white patio! I'm really drawn to greens too. Not the hunter greens, but the apple greens and the celery greens.

Queen of Chaos said...

You're a gal after my own heart. I love decorating!

These are awesome samples. Too bad they aren't really of YOUR home...hopefully one day. :) It's great to dream up what you want your home to look like. I enjoy looking at decorating tips also.

I decorate like crazy in my home as well.

The boys room is vintage airplanes with blues and dark red.

My daughters room is shabby chic with pastel pink/light green/white.

My loft is Norman Rockwell. I have browns and black with a splash of brown and black plaid. I only have two pictures up in there right now but have more to be framed. I need to add more color in this room.

My family room is ALL pictures with a fun ecletic look. I have a dark red wall in there. It's cool!

My front room is mostly Tuscan. I'm in the middle of texturing one of the walls. I want to stain it when I'm done. It's awesome...or will be anyway.

My down stairs bathroom is my Paris bathroom. I'm in love with Paris! I went when I was 12 yrs. old and can't wait until I get to go again. Black, white, cream and apple green are in this room. {lots of pics of the eiffel tower in B&W}.

My kids bathrom is Nautical...I LOVE red, white & blue. I have pictures of Warren and I on our Caribbean cruise, shells, nets and distressed boats, ores and anchor.

My kitchen/dining room is mostly Tuscan as well. I love grapes- always have.

The master bedroom and bathroom have been the last to decorate. I have a theme of our wedding photos in B&W and 'love' quotes going on but nothing solid yet. I like the greens and tan colors for this room. But I also want Black, white and red. I can't make up my mind! One day it will be the ultimate love suite. :)

Happy decorating! I know it makes my heart happy.

Bandanamom said...

The thing with decorating with me is that I have to collect a lot of images and sort of imagine how it's all going to work. Then when I finally get started on picking actual items, paint, etc., it all comes together in this way that seems sort of organic, but I think it only works that way because I think about it so much.

Right now my big thing is trying to figure out how to have an outdoor kitchen and how to do it inexpensively. We started out with a rather grandiose plan that quickly started to seem like craziness (when you're spending more on the outdoor kitchen than the house cost in the first've probably gone too far). Then we scaled that plan down - but even that cost - though probably half of the original idea, started to seem kind of berzerkus. So now we are thinking in terms of work we can do on our own, ways to make it utilitarian but with our sense of style. So that's my next BIG project.

We are also thinking about maybe, maybe, maybe buying land in Montana to eventually build a summer home on. With the market the way it is right now though, we have a big decision making problem. It's hard to anticipate what will be the best decision. So that's on the back burner and we are just trying to be thoughtful and prayerful about it to decide what we'll ultimately do. Maybe this year isn't a good year for it but I think we'll do it eventually.

AND there are little things I would like to do in a lot of my rooms. Nothing big - no painting or anything right now - but just more pulled together I think for now. I'm sure I'll get tired of my paint/furniture, etc. eventually, but I'm not quite sick of it yet. I still like all my red and yellow and green for now.


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