Monday, March 02, 2009

So Many Thoughts, So Little Time...

After a period of relative quiet here I suddenly have many thoughts and things I would like to do blog posts about. Alas, I do not have time for most of them.

One little explanatory note, some people have noted the absence of my old blog, bandanamom-120days. I had to take the blog down due to legal reasons that are silly and I don't want to go into. Suffice to say there was a bit of a dispute as to what I was allowed to say or not say regarding my diet.

The new chart on the sidebar is my new weight loss chart which excludes all the weight I lost last year. I actually feel like I did pretty well while I was totally off of it for the past 3 months. In the first month I gained nearly 17 pounds and since then my weight has stayed roughly the same. I consider that a success because it shows that the diet does have some rebound weight loss gain immediately after stopping it, but the trend does not continue after the first two or three weeks.

Anyway, I can start officially back on the diet again because I am finally at 6 weeks post-surgery!

At any rate, I am not at goal but I still weight A LOT less than I did at this time last year.

Maybe later I'll have time to blog about decorating, renovations, politics, children, aging, or art.

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Suzanne Barker said...

Nice to hear you are doing so well with your weight and congrats on being able to go back on!
I need to change our lunch date. Lets talk!


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