Thursday, March 05, 2009

Insert Frowny Face Here

Not to make light of the current economic climate, because I realize a lot of people are facing serious loss and trouble - my heartfelt sympathies go out to them. But I have a frowny face on right now because I just found out that my FAVORITE magazine in the whole wide world is going out of business because of financial troubles with it's parent company.

What a Drag Dude!

I love Domino Magazine with all my heart! I get Elle Decor and California Homes, and Metropolitan Home and they are Okay but Domino is my absolute love! I will miss it so! And they didn't even bother to tell us it was going to be the last copy until it was said and done - so last months copy was the last one. Now maybe someone will scoop in and save it - someone saved JPG magazine a few months ago, and I was glad, because I've actually been published in that magazine (SEE HERE) - but I digress.

What will happen to my recently renewed subscription? I have a feeling that is just $12 I just donated to their under-funded pension plans. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting a refund.

So here's a montage of awesome images from recent issues that I drew inspiration from. I loved you with all my heart Domino and you will be sorely missed!

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Cynthia said...

well, my friend . . . thank you ever so much for promoting a very cool magazine that I can never read :(


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