Monday, March 09, 2009

Best Movie Scenes

So Kirk and I were having a discussion this week about movies that you would bother owning. There aren't that many movies I care to see more than once or twice. When I start analyzing it I find that my favorites are all from the 80s. This could be because I really think 80s teen movies are the gold standard in teen movies, but it could also be because these movies make me feel like I'm still a teenager myself.

Here are a sampling of some of the best:

1. Some Kind of Wonderful - one of the best kiss scenes ever

2. Pretty and Pink - I SOOOOO badly wanted to be Andie in this movie - I dressed like this for several years.

3. Say Anything - best movie EVER, hands down (the trailer does not do it justice).

4. Breakfast Club - best TEEN movie EVER, hands down

5. The Sure Thing - more John Cusack, always a good thing...


Lindsey said...

This was perhaps the best post I have ever seen....EVER. I love John Cusack. Love love love love love. And I LOVE that scene from Some Kind of Wonderful. But it makes me sad to think how the movie ends. And I SOOOOOO badly want to see some pics of you dressed like Andie.
I watch Say Anything once a month.

Bandanamom said...

Oh my gosh lindsey - why on earth are we not best friends? Don't even get me started on my whole John Cusack fetish/obsession/love!

I Am Boymom said...

Breakfast Club is one of the best teenage angst movies EVER! I loved Say anything too, but not as big a fan as you tow, obviously! One of my alltime favorites is It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. And the Gods Must be Crazy.

Suzanne Barker said...

Very Fun Lezlee! You are always much more of a movie buff than I, but I loved Sixteen Candles and the Breakfast Club too.
Have you ever seen My Brilliant Career? One of the best kiss scenes in there....


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