Sunday, March 01, 2009


I was going to write a whole long thing on Slumdog and how much I liked it when I saw it in December and that I am tempted to allow my underage children to see it even though it's rated R, and my reasoning on that point. But I'm not actually going to write that whole long thing or explain much of any of that. Just instead I would like to say that I enjoyed Slumdog quite a lot and recommend it inspite of it's 'R' rating. (though there is one disturbing scene I would probably fast forward a bit if I were watching it from home to spare my children).

Holden's whole apartment up at BYUI is in a fight over 'R' rated movie watching. Holden being the only neutral person in the entire household. 2 roommates are rabidly against and convinced that everyone else is going to hell. 2 roommates insist on ONLY watching 'R' rated movies just to irritate the 2 who are rabidly against. Holden's Bishop has asked him to mediate the dispute as much as possible since he is basically neutral and think both sides have decent and valid points. Holden told his Bishop that he does watch 'R' movies sometimes and the Bishop asked how he decides if it's an 'R' movie that is appropriate. Holden said "If it's something I would watch with my parents or with you there". It think that's a good rule of thumb. Apparently the Bishop agreed. He started out saying that maybe the rule should just be 'no R' but then backtracked when he had to admit his favorite movie (the Bishop's favorite) was "Saving Private Ryan".

I have to say that I see a whole lot of PG-13 movies that I am disgusted by and would not allow my kids to watch but often see an R that I don't have a problem with them watching (especially that 18 year old mentioned above). Wisdom in all things I suppose.

But anyway - there's a new post on the Shando blog, wherein, Shando wants you to know that she totally called the Oscar picks, and wants you to know she feels vindicated by her dislike of Mama Mia.

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Haven't seen it yet, but looking forward to it!


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