Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A World Full of Cupcakes...

Here is a post that probably belongs on my weight loss blog instead - I try to limit my food ponderings and musings to that space so as to not alienate my readers here with too much talk of diets and and eating (or as is more frequently the case, not eating). But today I feel like talking about cupcakes here.

I recently cleared 90 pounds lost which you can read about on the other blog if you're interested - but my point is that cupcakes have not been a part of my life much in the past 6 months. But even though they have not been a part of my life, cupcakes, by their very existence on the planet, make me very happy. A cupcake is like a little bit sized morsel of joy. So to celebrate them I share some photos of some amazingly great looking cupcakes, just to cheer your day. Even though I can't eat them right now - just knowing there are cupcakes in the world, and knowing that other people are eating them, baking them, smelling them, enjoying them - that makes me happy.

These cupcakes are from a Utah company started in a mormon woman's kitchen - her company is called The Sweet Tooth Fairy:

I know. How great are those? While I was on my break from the diet I indulged myself in a cupcake from Sprinkles one day. It was super delicious. It was a red velvet cupcake. Yum. Sprinkles cupcakes have these really fresh and fabulous ingredients and then this rather minimalist aesthetic that is very appealing.

A local cupcake favorite is Tammie Coe, what would we do without the sheer happiness Tammie Coe cupcakes, cakes and cookies bring to Phoenix?

(I know technically these are sugar cookies, and not cupcakes... but these are the 'cakiest' cookies I've ever had and melt in your mouth to die for)

These guys at the Magnolia Bakery sort of started this whole cupcake trend. I've never had a Magnolia cupcake, but I love that they are ooey-gooey looking and sort of the anti-sprinkles. The aesthics here tend towards indulgence and excess, which is perfectly okay when we're talking about cupcakes right?

Do you have a favorite cupcake?

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Suzanne said...

You know I've never had any of these cupcakes since they seem to have become so popular. Next diet break....Christmas! They look fabulous.


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