Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've always really loved going to the movies. There's something really great about sitting in a dark room for a couple of hours and getting lost in a story. I love a movie if it's really, really funny (though I find that those are rare...movies that really make me laugh anyway - though sometimes I'm okay with it if I'm even mildly amused). I love movies that make me cry. Mostly I like movies that make me think. I like to be scared (this is a complete mystery to Shannon who thinks being scared is something to be avoided and not an emotion to be desired...I find it cathartic sometimes). I like a movie if it is clever, has a new idea or is something that hasn't ever been done before. I often like foreign films. I've roughly kept track of all the new movies I've seen this year (I'm sure there are some more which were watched on tv or rented...but these are the new releases I've seen so far this year). I've given them a star rating - 5 stars means I loved it and would watch it again anytime, 4 means I really like it, 3 means it's okay and I enjoyed it but I probably wouldn't ever watch it again, 2 means I did not like it, 1 means I hated it and 0 means I see absolutely no redeeming value in the movie whatsoever.

Cloverfield ***
Jumper **
Be Kind Rewind ***
The Other Boleyn Girl ****
Horton Hears A Who ***
21 ****
Chaos Theory ***
Baby Mama ****
Iron Man ***
Indiana Jones Umpteenth **
Sex and The City ****
The Happening **
Wall-E ****
Wanted ***
Hellboy II ***
Batman The Dark Knight ****
Mamma Mia! *
Tropic Thunder ***
Burn After Reading ****
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist *****
City of Ember ***
Rachel Getting Married ****

Surprisingly I've only seen one movie that I would honestly give 5 stars. I totally loved Nick & Norah. I'm probably way too old to love that movie to the degree that I do - but irrationally, and in spite of being a 41 year old woman, I just really, really liked that movie.


Cynthia said...

Dave and I go to the movies a lot and there are a couple on your list I haven't heard of.
My kids said Cloverfield made them dizzy (the moving camera action) so I didn't even bother.
I'm going to get some of your suggestions on my netflix and catch up.

Heidi said...

I'm surprised you gave Mama Mia even 1 star after the review that you gave.

There are a few that I haven't seen that maybe I should...

Rachel Getting Married
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
Burn After Reading
Baby Mama

Bandanamom said...

I really liked Rachel Getting Married, but it is not for the faint-hearted. Shannon threw up in the bathroom directly afterwards. This was mainly due to the camera work - it's filmed more documentary style and if you're motion sick, it might be a problem. No where near the camera swerves of Cloverfield though - so not on that level.

But the other thing about it is that it's a gritty movie. I really, really liked it, I thought it was uplifting in a gritty way. Sort of the triumph of the human spirit and inherent goodness yet complicated nature of being human kind of way.

Totally adored Nick & Nora - I've already seen it twice.

Burn after Reading is hilarious in a typical Coen Brothers sort of way.

Baby Mama was a nice surprise. I thought I was going to hate it and we only went because there wasn't anything else playing at that time that didn't sound worse - but actually it was funny and well done and both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were great.

Suzanne said...

I know I haven't seen as many movies as you have, Lezlee. And I'm not sure I could even remember them all! I do want to see the Boelyn Girl. I have it on my Netflix list. Now I really want to see Nick and Norah after your rating!
The last movie I saw was Beverly Hills Chihuahua! And truly it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.


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