Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I bought that I really, really dig...

I'm not a huge shopper, but a couple of things I bought lately are just too good to pass up, and too good not to pass along to my friends.

"The Immortelle flower defies aging - it never wilts or withers, even after being picked. Microcapsule technology concentrates hand-harvested essential oil of Immortelle, which grows in the sunny Mediterranean island of Corsica, in a formula that helps to boost microcirculation and increase collagen synthesis. A velvety, patented-ingredient moisturizer with proven wrinkle-reducing benefits."

Does that totally make you want to buy it? It should, besides it smells delicious and it really works fabulously. Doesn't the gorgeous little cobalt jar just say "buy me, buy me, buy me?".

Besides it's called "Immortelle" - I mean really, what more can you ask for. It's a little $52 jar of goodness that will make you happy.

Salt Water Sandals

Do you love them or what ? I have them in yellow, red and hot pink and I am contemplating buying them in brown and white - or maybe I need all the colors including the minty green.

I can't say enough.

The product description states: "Called the "Salt Water" Sandals because they stand up even in salt water. Flexible, high grade sole and heavy, durable leather straps for easy-going comfort and long wear."

Okay they need to hire a new copy writer because that is so boring and doesn't at all live up to the awsomeness of the sandal. Let me give a better description a whirl:

"The salt water sandal is total retro-cool. Uber comfort, and perfect for a day at the beach, around the pool and just because. You'll want them in every color. And doesn't someone hip like you deserve footwear that is equal parts urban and understated trend setter? Thought so."

You'll especially adore the price at between $28 and $35!

How cool and cute are these? The woman who makes them is an artist from Prescott. She swirls hot glass at 1700 degrees to make this jewelry she cleverly calls "eye candy".

I got the earrings this weekend and I totally already wish I had a lot more. Wish I had the necklace and the bracelet too. And lots of colors. SO cute. And SO not expensive. And you're supporting a local artist. ALWAYS a good idea! (if you're interested you can order from her website at (I think these would make great unique gifts too)!


I am Boymom said...

I love the sandals and the jewelry. I am sooo into comfortable shoes, as you already know. I "heart" your ad copy for the shoes! Much better than the original copy...reminds me of J Pederman.

Bandanamom said...

Thanks Geri - I love the reference to J Pederman!


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