Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas

Except when you are a mormon mother, I'm not sure anything happens in Vegas that needs to stay in Vegas.  It's all pretty much above board fun.
Shannon and I have been going to Vegas for quite a while, though it has been YEARS since we have been able to get away.  I don't even know the reasons - kids, school, busy schedules...
So for one of my rewards
 on this diet I asked for a trip to Vegas with Shannon.  
I love going to Vegas with Kirk but that's  a whole different trip - Kirk does NOT want to spend the day in the spa.  
Here are some photos of us in Vegas and to hear m
ore about our adventures there you can mosey on over to the Shando blog.  
(this is the view from our room - we stayed at the Luxor this time so this is a view of Excalibur next door - we started out in a different room which had a view of the pool but which also had a leaking ceiling - or at least it had been leaking at some frequent rainy past - and stains on the window sill and general dreariness.  On vacations where something like this happens I am glad to be with Shannon because she has no problem calling up and telling the hotel staff how wildly inappropriate our acomodations are and that we would please like a different room - then she proceeds to let them know in great detail every possible problem until they relent and give us not only a different room, but an upgraded room - so we ended up in the new tower in a more expensive room with this view)

(this is me at the pool at the Luxor - see my smile, that is the smile of a woman who does not have to worry about feeding anyone, cleaning up after anyone, driving anyone anywhere, etc. etc.  basically this is me when I am totally relaxed which only happens on vacation)

(here we are in our room right before we left to go to "O" at the Belaggio - We took about 20 photos to try to get this because we are not teenage girls who take photos of ourselves all the time and kept not managing to get ourselves in frame - then we had to take it over multiple times because Shannon felt her skin was not quite taut and youthful enough so in this one she is simulating a taut face, but it mostly ends up looking like she is strangling herself - this is the only photo she will let me have here though I took several others of her but apparently her lipstick was too pink and her hair was not the proper shad of auburn and a plethora of other concerns and complaints so we should feel lucky that we get this one here to prove she was on the trip and I am not totally making that part up)
And basically the trip was fabulous - we ate yummy steak and chicken at the Bellaggio, spent almost a full day at the spa (more on that in the Shando blog) sat by the pool, walked down the strip, went to the movie, read our books and magazines and....okay I'll admit, played the penny slots for a while (look, I can't help it, I'm incredibly lucky, I almost never lose - I ended up ahead 50 dollars by the time we left vegas and all playing penny or nickel slots - if you think that's shocking or sinful.....I kindasorta respectfully disagree) 


I am Boymom said...

You are too funny, Lezlee. I love your blog. Thanks for the nice comments on my dad post, I'm not feeling very diamind like these days. More like a big blob of jello. The trip sounded great and congrats on sticking to a weight loss plan, something I have yet to do with any real success. Hang in there and stay in touch!

Suzanne Barker said...

It looks like you guys had a great time!  I love your rewards.  Mine have mostly been clothes!

Queen of Chaos said...

Sweet reward! It looks so carefree, refreshing, happy and quiet. Ahhh, I dream for moments such as these...and that only happens when I'm on vacation with JUST Warren. :O

Though for my birthday last year, a good friend of mine {who's birthday is the same month as mine} decided to go stay at a hotel, go out to dinner and read all night. We swam in the pool for a bit too. It was wonderful!

Keep up your hard work, Lezlee! You deserve your reward. :)

Cynthia said...

Same vacation -- with family or with girlfriends . . . yeah, completely different experiences. Sounds like you have fun when you go on your "infamous" Las Vegas vacations. Lounging by the pool sounds marvelous. That would never happen on a family vacation.
How long did you stay?


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