Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Boyfriend & a Little Ranting

My boyfriend John Cusack just did an ad for

It's been mentioned here before that I love John Cusack

He admits that he's no more important and his opinion is no more important than anyone else but that it's important to speak up about things we care about.

I'm super tired of ridiculous oil costs in a country where our options besides sucking it up and paying are extremely limited, lack of healthcare for the needy (and though I have healthcare - some would say the "cadillac plan" I pay $800 a month for it, which many families cannot even consider and it's STILL not all that great if someone has to go to the hospital), no intelligent plan to help the immigration problems we (Or maybe I should say immigrants) face, Insane spending getting us into further and further debt, a war fought on false pretenses where I fear we will continue to lose lives for many years to come, fear mongering, greedy, greedy, greedy "the dollar is GOD" decision makers. I'm so tired of hearing 'let the market decide'. Yeah, let's keep letting the market decide when it makes economic sense to cover healthcare costs for the poor. Let's keep letting the market dictate when viable renewable energy will become our main source rather than fossil fuels. Because that's worked incredibly well so far.

I miss the 90s.

At least Richard Nixon had the balls to say "F*** the doomed". Now everything is just pretense and posturing.

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