Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trend Spotting

The last time I really had to pay attention to trends in a big way was probably sometime in the 80s. This is not to say that I haven't paid any attention since then. But the last time I was really focused on it and consuming the images on a daily basis was probably somewhere around 1988. I got married in 1988, had a child by 1990 and by then, my daily concerns were not so much about what the latest trend was. I went from being a girl who got excited about shopping for myself to a girl who looked forward to shopping at Kids R Us and getting a good deal on Osh Kosh B' Gosh.

So the last time I really cared a lot, I was basically interested in these looks:

I know it's all Madonna - but name someone who had a bigger impact on fashion in the 80s than Madonna - you can't do it because we all copied her.

So here I am a couple of decades later, and due to an odd quirk in my income earning abilities, I find myself suddenly reading Vogue, perusing Saks 5th Avenue online, and paying attention to Fashion Week in New York. A lengthy explanation could occur here where I would try to explain what it is I do exactly, but the short version is that I take fashion to the masses at a discount. In order to do this though one needs a few things, $ in the form of capital, at least a modicum of discipline, some savvy, an eye for detail, determination, a positive mental attitude, comfy shoes, and last but not least...fashion knowledge. Well I have most of those things but fashion knowledge it turns out is the trickiest one to stay on top off. Fashion trends change almost daily, and certainly, at least, monthly. Fashion Week in New York this week showed us what we'll be wearing through next fall and into the Christmas season, designers already have their Spring 2009 ideas fleshed out - I can't even begin to think that far ahead though, I'm just thinking about what people are going to be wearing in the next couple of months. I also can't pay too much attention to what is edgy fashion, or hipster, it has to be what 'real' people will wear in the upcoming weeks (by real I don't really mean a 'real' person such as myself, I refer to women between the ages of roughly 18-60, unmarried with disposable income, or married with no kids with disoposable income, or married with kids with a tan and implants who do necessarily thinking shopping for Osh Kosh is much fun, which is why I also have to pay attention to bra trends...most popular size? 32 DDD...Think about that for a moment...yeah. Sorry I digress) Here's a look at what I'm trying to keep track of lately - and remember, I need to know which one is the best deal, best bang for the buck, and most trendy and then make a quick mental math calculation to determine which makes the most economic sense. I think a 60s inspired look will become apparent right away:

Muse $178

Marc Jacobs $278

Marc Jacobs $698

Maggy London $138

Laundry $195

LaROK $238

LAMB $385

Julie Brown $308

Julie Brown $258

Diane Von Furstenberg $410

Diane Von Furstenberg $345

Cynthia Steffe $265

Badgley Mischka $298
ABS Allen Schwartz $238

This is a lot too keep track off and of course this is only a very small sampling. How am I suppose to remember that the yellow marc jacobs is super expensive and a steal at any price below $300 but the brown one is relatively cheap?

In the end it all becomes part of the useless tid-bits of information that I am able to strore in my head. I'm convinced this is why I am terrible at math. I have no brain power to remember things like how to solve equations - my brain is a virtual sponge where useless information is concerned. I remember the jersey number of the high school quarterback every girl had a crush on, my grandparents phone number (neither have been alive since the 80s), and if you tell me which number your social security number starts with, I can tell you which state you were born in. These are the only 'math' related things that I need to know right? So my mind absorbs trivial data - which is not useful most of the time. But it is useful for the aforementioned job related to fashion. Also if I ever get on cash cab I am likely to win some money. (and if I ever get on cash cab with Kirk we will make a killing on that show, because he has the kind of brain which retains actual useful thinking and reasoning skills along with pertinent knowledge - which as a side point I recommend getting a spouse one who has different kinds of knowledge than you do). But where was I? Oh yeah trends...

The Muse dress might be the cutest for the price (at full retail).

The Maggy London is the cheapest but it also looks the cheapest.

The Marc Jacobs yellow is the worst deal, the Marc Jacobs yellow will also probably be the most coveted, sought after and trendy.

The Diane Von Furstenberg in Red is the best value - it won't go out of style ever because it's iconic DVF.

Oh...and guess what trend we are starting to see show up on the runways?

A return to the 80s looks inevitable.


Cynthia said...

It fascinates me to know how fast fashions come and go. My overall issue with fashion is that I simply don't get it (but that is very apparent).
Those 80's pictures remind me how young my friends are. I missed that whole era because I was changing diapers and watching Mr. Rogers every day.
I definitely would not arrive at my destination on cash cab (doesn't your ride end if you get enough questions wrong?). Tidbits of information do not stick in my brain at all.
btw - my SS# starts with a 5 and so does Dave's. We were born in different states. Why is that?

Bandanamom said...

Yours probably starts with a 52 or 53 and his probably starts with a 51 yes?

Anyone who missed the 80s fashions really missed out on some rather ridiculous fashions but fun stuff too. I don't know though - is there any era that doesn't seem ridiculous down the road a few years? I mean what are our kids generations going to think about all this 'emo' stuff? They are going to laugh at themselves.

Suzanne said...

I love Project Runway! I've never heard of Cash Cab. I just asked my co worker and she gave me a synopsis, sounds interesting. Another coworker wants to know how you can make money buying and selling clothing like you do. Everyone at work is interested in your blog!

Bandanamom said...

It's a bit complicated Suzanne but basically you have to find things on sale which are still a hot item. So like if I go to Saks off 5th and look through their sale items I have to find something that people will still want to pay closer to full price for it than I am getting it for. This works because some people live in rural areas and can't get to places like a Saks off 5th, or they don't care to shop anywhere but online. Sometimes I can get things on sale which are still full price online. So maybe it's a $300 dress, I get it for $100, but I can sell it for $150 on ebay. The customer feels like they got a good deal because it's worth $300, but I still made $50. I do loose money once in a while, if I miscalculate how much people are willing to pay for something. Overall I come out ahead though.

Tim said...

Good Job! :)


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