Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random Thoughts In Bandanamom's Head

I read Cindi Tanner's blog about shopping and had many thoughts. I was going to share a comment over there but there was too much to say so I thought I would write a post on the topic. Then there were so many thoughts I became overwhelmed with writing that whole long thing and decided I would do it another day. Then I got a few comments on Sushi here and thought I would elaborate on that theme and talk about favorite foods. I started that post and then started to think about some of the inherent connections between the food post and the shopping for clothes, models, women's bodies, post that Cindi's blog had started me on. Then I sort of bagged the food blog to give those connections more thought, which led to an entirely new blog entry, which is longer still and I've now bagged as well. Which is all to say...I'm not sure. Which is all to show I guess how my brain works. At which point I popped over to A Stranger Named Alysha's blog because I am sincerely interested in where her life is going to take her next in a way that I can't quite explain (her adventures as a hip young mom in New York in addition to her being mormon inspired an earlier blog entry and now I find myself almost disappointed they have moved back to Utah...which is sort of stupid and the possible subject of a whole other entry). And there I found a link to this girl's blog and now I am just thinking about how cute I think her style is. It's totally, totally different from my style and totally different from the style of things I buy to sell, but if I were 20 again and thin (which we're on that loop again because I am back to thin talk, shopping, etc.), I would totally wear.

Which is all to say that I have a lot of thoughts and nothing coherent to say. But my brain is bouncing between a lot of things:


CaliZona said...

Sushibandana! I wrote the beginning of my blog to support the real focus; how funny Rachel was. I was trying to find a way to tell her story because it deserved to be out there. I figured I was safe with referencing women's self-image/shopping in some negatives because that is pretty much a universal female experience everywhere - well, except maybe Somalia or is kind of at the top of their priority list.

Capture one of your thoughts, tie it down and don't let it be over-ruled by a competing thought. That's not fair!

Personally, I was kind of hoping you would talk about shopping with Jordan. Her little Sunday dresses are so amazing; it seems like the 2 of you have FUN shopping for those princess things!

Oh, and another thing that's not fair- posting on your own blog that you're reading mine and NOT commenting on it where you are supposed to. Do I need to forward you the rules of engagement in things blogged???

Cynthia said...

Hey Ms. Calizona - speaking of blogging rules, I have found your comments to me on my e-mail. hmmm. . . .
Ms. Bandana - your entry had me on the edge of my seat "where is she going with this one . . . ?" not only was I all over with your train of thought, but I stopped to read the links you referred to. Now I don't even know what to comment except that I always like reading your blog - you have a fresh and fun point of view in life. And great photos.

CaliZona said...

Maybe I didn't feel like signing in, OK?

Does the formerly NYC girl know she has a growing AZ fan base??? The little fashion girl is awfully cute, too. Her homemade outfits are scary in a good way; they are exactly the patterns I was sewing in 1972~ ! No kidding. The Peter Pan collar, the decorative pleats, the plaids... oh my gosh. Her results are without question infinitely better than what I ended up with. No one warned me that you can't match up sear-sucker stripes with bust-darts.

I need to do something amazing in a hurry...let's get a girl's pact going: Power Moms or - ? I don't know. I can't even think of something amazing to accomplish.


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