Thursday, February 07, 2008

Can this be mitigated with these feathers?

I love Project Runway.

Tim actually said tonight "Can this be mitigated with these feathers?" while holding up a boa. Has that sentence every been uttered in the history of television? I think not.

If you aren't watching this show, you probably should.

I have no talent for sewing or design, but I love watching the process these designers go through.

I've often thought fashion is underappreciated as an art. That's the whole point of Couture. No one is really going to wear it (well, maybe a couple of people will) - it's there to be appreciated as an art form.

It might seem that this blog has devolved into a long fashion analysis. Perhaps. I'm sure we'll return to more substantive issues later.

I loved it the week they had to work with candy and candy wrappers from Hershey - the red one is all licorice and the brown is peanut butter cup wrappers:

I am not a big tv watcher. When I am home during the day I almost never have it on at all. But at night, at least the hour or two before I go to bed, it is my way of unwinding. With the writers strike still going on, I'm incredibly grateful for shows like Project Runway.


Cynthia said...

I love Project Runway. I have become a little bit of a Reality TV junkie in the past couple of years. I don't watch many shows, but the ones I do watch, I am so into them. Suzanne is too. I often get a phone call from her about 30 seconds after our favorite shows are over - "did you see that?"
I haven't watched this week's episode yet. It is waiting on TIVO until I have some spare time.
I am amazed not only at the ideas/concepts of the fashions they come up with, but the extreme time and budget limits too.
Who would have thought you could make a cool dress from Reeces liner paper, or from Twizzlers?
I love it.

Bandanamom said...

Me too! I just adore Tim Gunn. Last night he said "Rally" in that signature Tim Gunn voice - Holden turned to me and said "what does that even mean?" I said you know like 'Rally the Troops'. To which Holden sort of rolled his eyes. But I loved it.

alysha said...

oh man, I am always grateful for project runway.


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