Saturday, February 16, 2008

Favorite Local Foods Version Two

Well, I got an a significant amount of comments and questions via email, in person and otherwise regarding that last entry. Basically I have food issues. And Shopping Isssues. These are things which I occasionaly consider sharing in a public forum and other times I just consider. (There's a reference to Breakfast Club in there somehowere for those of you paying attention). So maybe we'll delve into all of that later. For now, let us visit the topic of other local food favorites (there is a prior entry on this subject in the archives).

Last night Kirk and I ate at Rokerji. Rokerji is on 16th street near Maryland. It is the best steak in town by my estimation. I know you'll tell me you love Ruth's Chris or Donovans or Texaz Grill - and I've had those, and they are good. But I don't think they can beat Rokerji. I usually get soemthing called the Rokerji steak - it comes with a lump of crab on top and hollandaise jalapeno sauce. A side of DUTCH OVEN mashed potatoes (this is their "thing" they cook in a dutch oven), and last night I had turnips. I'd never really considered turnips good until I had these. Delicious! For Dessert we had a vanilla gelato topped with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Ridiculously Indulgent. Expect to spend between $30-50 per person if you get dessert.
Thai Food: Malee's on Main is my favorite. I usually get the Evil Jungle Princess (chicken in a red coconut sauce with field mushrooms served over sticky rice), but Kirk has tried a lot of stuff on the menu - he loves their Curry - he's never been dissapointed in any of it. Their appetizer is really good too. The Chicken Satay is delicious. If you go between like March and August you can get the dessert of sticky rice and mango. I'ts to die for. Cost is about $30 per person with appetizers & dessert. Malees is on Main in Scottsdale.
Favorite Greek - here I have a virtual tie. I love Mediteranean House at 16th street and Bethany, but I also love Pita Jungle at 40th street and Indian School. Pita Jungle isn't technically traditional greek - they are more of a vegetarian/greek/fusion. Pita jungle has very fresh fruit, cheeses, etc. Delicious Pita Pizza with feta and chicken which is probably my favorite. Great hummus. Med House also has great hummus, great pita, good gyro's and yummy chicken dishes. Med House waitresses are awesome too. Pita jungle cost 10-15 per person, Med House about the same.

It's not a comprehensive list but they are strong local favorites I forgot last time.


Cynthia said...

I always like to go out to eat with friends. Dave and I are so boring - we hardly ever go out to eat, we never plan ahead, and we're not adventurous to try a place we've never heard of before. I think I'd better print off your list and keep it in my purse for to save an otherwise boring dinner for ourselves.

Suzanne Barker said...

Lezlee have you been to Crazy Jim's? Kind of a hole in the wall place, but I love their homemade pita bread, gyros and salads. The Greek place on north 7th street, just south of Dunlap is also great. I haven't been to Malees. I'll have to try it when I'm allowed to eat again.
I love food and enjoy eating out so much. It's kind of different right now when all I can do is have a diet soda. All for a good cause!
I love trying new stuff, kind of the polar opposite of Cynthia Leigh. There is a soul food place on 7th AVE, that is just plain interesting. It's called Little mama's I think.
The Persian room up on scottsdale road and Frank Lloyd Wright is also interesting.


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