Thursday, May 10, 2007

Having trouble sleeping

Having trouble sleeping
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So here's what's completely crazy. I can't sleep. I can fall asleep on planes, in the middle of class if I wanted ( far I have avoided it) but I cannot go to sleep at night. I don't even so much want to except I know how tired I will be in like 4 hours when I have to get up. I did homework all day so it seems unfair somehow to have to end a perfectly good day without doing anything else.

Also I think this book I am reading about the girls who went away is making me think too much. And then Shannon always says "quit reading books like that!' But sometimes it's a compulsion....sometimes things have to be dealt with or they bubble over like a pot on simmer too long. So reading books like that is like taking the lid off for a while for me - it actually has the opposite effect that she thinks it does. I'm being cryptic I know but I don't know how much I want to say about all of that right now. It oddly makes me want to contact my half (full?) brother and that's a good idea at 1 am but probably not such a good idea in the light of day. So I'll have to give that some extra thought before I rashly go off on that thought process.

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