Saturday, June 02, 2012

Trending Now - Painted Furniture

I've been planning on covering this for a while now - all kind of painted furniture is currently trending.  You see a variety of different things:


Ombre:  (let's face it ombre everything is cool right now)

Bold Florals:


Intricate Folk and Global:

The cool thing is my friend Cindi is an artist here in Phoenix and she is starting a business where she turns furniture into works of art by doing projects just like these.  

You can check out her website here: New Life Furniture Art

For the first 7 people who have a project for her she is charging a super low fee of $50 so that she can build up her portfolio.  Get in touch with her soon if you're interested in the deal.  She's super talented!

I have her working on a project for me so I'm excited to show it to you when it's finished!

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

I LOVE these. And I just left a note on Cindi's blog to do something for me.
I need to know what 'Ombre' is so I can be cool too.


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