Friday, June 22, 2012

Fantastic Kids Rooms

I want to do a post soon on the new bedroom we created for Jordan.  I have a few finishing touches to add and then I'll be able to photograph and share.  In the mean time I have saved up soooo many images of cute kids rooms, I need to post some and get them off my computer.  In fact, there are so many I'm going to do it in 3 posts - Baby Rooms/Nurseries, Little Kids and Teens.

Part 1: Fantastic Nurseries

The main things I think you'll learn by studying these photos are

1.  Stay away from cutesy or cartoony or commercial stuff

2.  Don't be afraid to let your own personal style show

3.  Don't be afraid to use some well placed antiques or vintage pieces

4.  Be creative and use some colors for the walls and decor that you might not immediately consider "nursery" colors!

ps...these rooms pretty much guarantee your future child will be a successful genius.

(for part II see here)  and (for part III see here)

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Cynthia said...

LOVE that rocking chair!


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