Tuesday, June 05, 2012

OMBRE - The Big Trend of 2012

In my last post I mentioned the popularity of Ombre.  And in the comments a friend wondered what exactly ombre IS.

Definition of OMBRÉ

: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark
— ombré noun

Origin of OMBRÉ

French, past participle of ombrer to shade, from Italianombrare, from ombra shade, from Latin umbra

and for ease of pronunciation it rhymes with ashtray

Ombre is literally everywhere right now in home decor, painted walls and furniture, clothing and even hair styles.  You know those girls you see with dark roots and you think they need to update their dye job?  Well some of them are doing that on purpose to create an ombre effect.

Behold ombre everything:

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