Monday, June 25, 2012

Fantastic Kids Rooms Part III - Tweens & Teens

And finally, some great rooms for older kids and teens.

Important lessons I've learned with teen rooms:

1.  Let them have SOME say in their room but not ALL the say.  They might think they love that electric blue on the paint chip but you're the grown up - rather than turning them loose in the paint department of home depot - choose dozens of shades of blue that are acceptable to you first and then turn them over to them to make the final decision.

2.  Make sure it reflects their personality, but also make sure in doing so it doesn't just look like a hodge podge of junk.  Teens have some hoarder tendencies (at least many of them do) help them cull their stuff down into a more manageable amount of stuff and help them learn to edit.

3.  Finally, try to steer them towards some furniture or other furnishings which can take them through their teen years and into young adulthood.  They'll probably move out when they head off to college - but it's likely they'll be back for summers, holidays and maybe even for a few months at a time here and there before they become fully established and functioning adults.  Keep that in mind when you're putting their rooms together - towards the end of the time they live in them, they are more like an adult than they are a teen.

Some good tween & teen rooms:

see here==>
for Parts I (babies) and II (kids)

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