Monday, October 17, 2011

PINK! Not just for little girls...

Pink rooms are some of the most frequently visited posts on this blog.  Which only leads me to conclude that there are many women (and maybe men, it's possible) out there who have never quite gotten over their love of pink. 

I think I've shared the story before (in fact, I'm nearly positive) that I wanted a pink bedroom when I was a little girl.  And my mother allowed me to pick a white which she claimed was pink.  You know when you go the paint store and they have that one brochure or paint chip with various shades of "white" but they have the slightest hint of a color?  There's usually one which leans slightly pink, and slightly blue and slightly yellow...but they are really still white?  Yeah, that's the pink we chose.  My mom has a thing for white walls.  Which may explain my tendency to go all out when I decide on a color. 

I'd still like to do a room shockingly pink at some point in my life.  For now, I collect images of rooms I love with pink hues.

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Raven Blackmane said...

I like pink, it took me a while to realize that I do like it. I love a good dark pink wall...maybe someday. By the way, listening to Culture Club in the background really made me get those pinky poppy thoughts in my head. Great song choice!


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