Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun Fall Fashions

I love fashion. I don't always have the budget for it that I'd like, and depending on weight fluctuations, I can't always fit into everything I'd like to wear! But I do love it.

When I was young I used to look so forward to the 17 magazine issue that came out in August - the back to school and fall fashions issue. It was about twice as thick as the usual edition and I would pour over the photos repeatedly until I had nearly everything memorized. I still remember some of those ad campaigns for Bass shoes and Izod and Benetton like it was yesterday.

My friend and I used to love to sit down with catalogues and go through every single page and determine which clothes looked more like I should wear them and which looked more like her.

My number 1 goal in life when I was about 14, was to grow up, move to Salt Lake City (I guess because that was the only "city" I was familiar with and it seemed more realistic), get a cool apartment, get a job, and wear lots of amazing clothes. Most importantly this wardrobe needed to include hats. I had absolutely no idea what the unspecified job would be making enough money and having the confidence to pull off wearing hats. I was very specific about the hats!

Still makes me smile to think about it. It was FUN to have that fantasy!

Today I still look through the September issue of Vogue, and think about what outfits I would wear if money and body type were no issue. Old habits die hard.

It is still FUN. :)

There are two clothing companies I really like though, who I always kind of keep track of just because I so often love what they do. Here are some great fall clothes from Kate Spade (probably my favorite designer) and JCrew.

I don't know if the imbed on this video will work.  It is an awesome video about older women who use fashion as a means to express their creativity.  Love it! (you might want to go over there on the side bar and pause culture club before you press to watch)


Raven Blackmane said...

Okay, that has to be one of the best mini documentaries I have ever seen. I had/have this fear of getting older and struggled with my 17 year old self about what is cool and am I still "cool," but all and all I do things for me. These ladies are inspiring and have just given me umph I needed to keep doing what I'm doing.

Bandanamom said...

I know, i totally loved it too. And I really loved it when the one lady says not to worry about getting older. I always kind of feel that way, but then in a sort of youth obsessed culture, you start to doubt yourself a little. I thought it was inspiring too!


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