Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bag's to Love - And how to find them for less

Kate Spade has some great looking bags this fall/winter. On the scale of expensive bags they fall in the reasonable category. Yes, they're still pricey. But they're not so pricey that they're completely out of a normal person's ability to obtain.

A couple of tips for finding a Kate Spade bag at a lesser price:

Wait until it becomes last seasons bag and it will be reduced in price. Kate Spade does have a few outlet stores as well, and you can find them a little less expensively there.

When the new bags come out, take note of the ones you like the most, the color, style, and the price - THEN start checking websites like ebay. At first, you won't be able to get one for a good deal (and if you can, you should be very suspicious of that deal, although Ebay tries to curtail knock-off activity on the site, it does happen and any bag that is way too good of a price to be true, probably is). But eventually, as the season changes you will be able to find them less expensively. Some women do buy a lot of bags and sell them to buy different bags and usually those are slightly used, but not enough to make a big difference to you if you shop the site carefully. Also, some people get them as gifts around the Holidays, find that they are difficult to return for a cash refund, and decide to sell them instead.

If you do your homework and keep your eyes open, you might find your favorite bag for far less.  Whether you like Kate Spade, Coach, or you've had your eyes on a Michael Kors bag, the principles are the same. 

Or ask for one as a gift, I have had that work before too. :)

This is the Shuffled Spade Bon Shopper - $145 currently

The red Pastiche Darcy, currently price is $395

the matchbook bon shopper, currently $145

How gorgeous is this color?  This is the Knightsbridge Helena, $495

The Gold Coast Maryanne in red, $395

This is the Fanfare Brette, current price $295

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