Saturday, October 08, 2011

I'd like to thank my agent...

Actually, I don't even have an agent, but I won an award anyway.  :)  (it would be cool to have an agent, if only to be able to say on occasion "I don't know if I'm my agent"...I would also like to be able to use the phrase "have my people call your people" would be nice to have "people")  

But I digress! 

Here is the award... ta da:

It is lovely, is it not?

I was awarded by Christina of 29notdeadbutdying - I've only recently discovered Christina's blog, and I really love her writing.  She has some lovely poems and her brain seems to work in some similar ways to mine. 

It's fun getting blog awards because now I get to tell you some random facts about myself, and of course, I'm all about random. 

"Take a look at what I'm wearing...You think anyone's going to mess with me when I'm wearing these bad boys?"

1.  For years I tried to convince my children I was a trained karate master.  It was hard to maintain the ruse once they got over the age of about 4, but up until then I think I had them pretty convinced.  Also, when my oldest son was little, I once told him I was "super mom" and I said that is why he needed to be in bed early, otherwise I would not have time to be out 'do-gooding'.  I saw him look at me with a mixture of "I think she's putting me on..." and "hmmmm....maybe so".  It was nice there for a few years while I had them convinced how amazing I was. 

Alvin Ailey

2.  I'm prone to crying when something is beautiful.  And it happens at times when I really don't want it to happen.  It started when I was pregnant with my oldest son and I was tearing up over a McDonald's commercial.  Even as I was tearing up I was thinking "good grief!  this is a McDonald's commercial!  You shouldn't be crying.  Advertising executives sat in a room and came up with this crappy sappy premise involving ice skating and an adorable little African American boy and Santa Claus to make you buy more french fry's!"  But it didn't matter.  I cried every time I saw the darn thing.  But it's not just hokey stuff that makes me emotional.  Beautiful music does it, literature, poems, nature, sunsets, little kids, kindness, and dance.  I can't go to a ballet without knowing my make-up is going to get all messed up. 

photo credit to my son Holden, who took this great photo

3. I'm absolutely shocked at how much I love the desert.  I didn't even grow up here!  But I just adore it.  I think it is stunning and beautiful.  It's so unexpected, the feelings I have about it.  It's sad that not everyone sees it.  My son and I were watching a show on television and the people on the show travelled to Arizona and when they got off the plane and they started showing desert footage around Phoenix he said "oh...I love Arizona".  He said it almost under his breath.  I was glad to hear it's seeped into him as well.  Loving the desert is almost like you have this secret knowledge that not every else has.

I like to think he's never gotten married yet in his life because he still hasn't met me.  We're obviously soul mates.

4.  I've had a crush on John Cusack for over 25 years now.  It's long time to have a crush on someone.  He hasn't had any movies come out in the past few years that I've been totally sold on.  But I still really, really like him.  Yes, I think he's cute, and I know most women love him because of his portrayal of Lloyd Dobbler.  And who doesn't love Lloyd, of course.  But I love that little piece of himself he brings into every character he plays. I've always felt John and I would be good friends.  I know every stinking fan in the world thinks that about the celebrity they like.  But in my case, it doesn't make it any less true.

One of my faves. 

5.  I like quirky films that NO ONE ELSE likes.  Well, I shouldn't say no one else likes them.  I should say, they are harder to like for the average person.  I like challenging films sometimes.  I might be in a film and absolutely loving it while people all around me are getting up and walking out in bewilderment.  I'm sort of at the point where I am really careful about who I invite to watch a particular film with me.  And often, that means I go alone.  And I'm totally okay with that the majority of the time.  It means I get to really enjoy myself and watch without worrying the person I am with might not be as enamoured with what's happening on the screen as I am. I'll save my top 10 films of 2011 until the end of the year, but I guarantee there are a few quirky ones in there!

Okay passing along the honors to someone else -

I'd like to nominate a blog that frequently cracks me up.  It is the blog of Hailey Broadbent.  She doesn't keep it up to date as much since the birth of her son (having an absolutely adorable baby will do that do you, they keep you pretty distracted!) but when Hailey is in her element, she is really really irreverently funny.  So this award goes out to you Hailey , maybe it will inspire you to write something snarky and fun.  :)

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Jenny-Jenny said...

You, my friend are an amazing writer! That was fun to read and I feel smarter for knowing you!


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