Sunday, June 05, 2011

Paint Picks (Peacock)- trends for 2011, part II

 Last time our blues focused on something I like to call "Tiffanyesque" - this time we focus on Peacock, or colors which are tonalities of a slight variation on Peacock.  I seriously adore this color.  I just haven't figured out how to incorporate it into my home yet.  I think someday when I start repainting everything again, I'd like to use this and orange, neither of which I have in my house right now.  I think if you're looking for something fun and hip and new to do in your house you really can't go wrong with these.  Wouldn't it look gorgeous in a living room - maybe with some of the walls white and then a very bold peacock?  I'd love to do that someday. 

It's a great color for a kids room too, and looks great with natural wood tones

love it here with the white accents

I also like it in this more turquoisey tone, looks great with black and whites and yellows

See how they've paired it with all the white - including the white wall - if you do that, you can go really bold like this.

From one of my favorite websites, young house love - they have excellent taste, I adore it with that lime green headboard!

this is a more subdued tone if you don't want to go quite so bold

Okay, this room is really white, but I had to put it here because of that headboard.  LOVE that.

love it with the subway tiles which from here look almost like glass tiles

I always think blue looks great in a bathroom and isn't that particular version of the color yummy?

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Suzanne Barker said...

Gosh, maybe I need to rethink my colors...I don't know if peacock would go, but I love it!


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