Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Paint Picks ~ Part 5

We're almost finished with our top paint colors for 2011, next up, purple.  Purple is really hard to pull off.  I've used it outside, and that's a little easier, but inside, it can quickly over-power a room.  But with some careful decor choices, and just the right shades it can look great.  It is a color that will get a lot of attention if you dare to choose it, simply because you don't see it very often at all.  But just because you don't see it that often doesn't mean it's not a trend.  I would venture to say a few years ago you really didn't see it at all, unless it was in your great aunt Edna's bathroom.  The trend tends towards and eggplant or a plum, and it's often an accent color.  But I do see some lavenders working their way in there too.  If you have impeccable taste, and a sense of adventure, I bet you can make it work.
Here we see it with the ever ubiquitous gray, and I LOVE that headboard. 

If I can't get a Jacobsen Egg Chair in Hot Pink, I'll take two Swan Chairs in Purple, thanks.

Something about all the textures elements and the color here, makes this room very sexy - it's both masculine and feminine in equal parts. 

the same effect is achieved here, it's both masculine and feminine at the same time with a cozy clubby feel to the space, the lavender lends it a softness that would be sorely missing otherwise with almost any other color. 

I love the lightness of this and the pops of burnt orange.  Such a coooool tone in the color scheme. 

blues are a great as an accent with this tone.

love all the different prints going on here

daring - but because it's so neat and tidy, it really works

Opulent and beautiful, I want to live here.

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