Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Paint Picks Part 4

Bold yellow is a big trend this year - on it's own, or as accent, especially popular with grays and blues. I happen to love yellow so I'm a fan of the trend.

Lots of awesome going on here (though I can totally live without the lamb/sheep thing - I know they are expensive but not a fan of those dudes) what I love is that turquoise yellow furniture with the yellow wallpaper - that color combination has a cool retro vibe that I love.  I ADORE the artwork on the wall, which also has a retro feel to me, but then the floor is very now. 

Very clean lines here, I love the style of the couch and the pillows make it great. 

red and yellow also look great together - and here I love how just that little rim of color makes a big impact. 

I'd like this even more if the yellow were more bold, but I still like it.

I dig this idea of painting the insides of the shelves!

This couch and that artwork are sooooooo fab. 

Such a fan of this, I'm pretty sure I used it before (And recently too) but I can't get enough of the mid century modern vibe here.  

I love the clever mixing of prints here with the unique yellow wall. 

yellow and gray is such a major trend right now and this room makes it super fun and cheery.

In my opinion this yummy buttercream-ish yellow is very hard to achieve, but if you can find the right shade for your room, I don't think you can beat it for cheerful AND serene. 

So fun - love the bold stripes, but I also adore that print on the yellow pillows and then the fact that they've paired it with houndstooth. 

I think it's hard to go wrong with yellow.

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