Thursday, March 03, 2011

Still Feelin' the Pom Thang - Recycled Tshirts Dude!

My parents have been here for...over a week? I've lost track. They've been amazing at helping me clean out drawers and closets and catch up on a bajillion things I should have been doing (though to be honest I'm not usually SUPER good at staying on top of...but which this year IN PARTICULAR has seemed a little like climbing mount Everest for the first time and without a Sherpa) So they've been my Sherpas. And sometimes they see things that need to be done that honestly just totally escape my attention. Sometimes I wish I thought more like they do...but then I think I have talents and skills that lie in other areas and I'm not sure that those 2 things work all that well together (and I know my parents love me, but I think my lack of skills in those particular organized and organized and super duper organized parts of their brains really flummox them about me)...But I digress. Anyway, by the time they are finished helping me out around here, and by the time I finish a few minor touches on Bren's new bedroom, I should have the photos for you of how that project turned out (I think it's going to be good...but it's not quite ready for judgement yet). I'm much more focused on school. I'm much more focused on...well, pretty much everything. Even though sometimes it's hard because I don't have "control" over the tv control anymore (wasn't I just saying I had not had to endure such things as Ice Road Truckers with no man in the house for over a year? Well suddenly I am discovering there are about 3 million different versions of shows like Law & Order and CSI and old re-runs of movies I even forgot ever got made like "Backdraft"...but again, I digress) so even though that part is a little disconcerting - having been the de facto grown-up in the house for the past year or so. It IS very nice having all these things caught up and paid attention to which I have no idea how to do, nor do I want to have to hire someone to do them! And on Sunday? I was taking a short nap and woke up to the smell of baking food. How many moms even remember what that is like as a kid to wake up to the smell of your mother's baking food? It's very soothing.

So anyway...somehow I have to let them know I'm really grateful, even though at times my nerves are on edge and I probably do not come across as grateful as I really am.

Remember when I got all obsessive about making one of those pom things? (which was much more labor intensive than I planned?) well I did make one, only out of recycled tshirts I had around here, cardboard I had around here and extra wire I had around here. So it was the cheapest project ever. AND I hung it on the front door even though my children kept questioning the sanity of that idea. And I like how it turned out. So I posted that photo with this blog entry just to let you know - it's a totally doable project, cheap, kinda fun, and certainly a good use of material or old clothes with rips that you aren't going to do anything else with.

I'll update you an on the rest of the progress around here soon!

(see my little pom thing on the door turned out CUTE didn't it?)


Suzanne Barker said...

It IS Cute! Like it.

Cynthia said...

I like it too. When I read your post title kind of fast, though, I read "Still Feelin' the Porn Thang". Definitely made me read further . . . .
Have someone else cooking in your kitchen is kind of a nice treat. Yay for your mom.


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