Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meditations on Random...or the lack thereof...



Or not so much?

So for a long while now, I don't know, maybe at least the last year or so almost nothing about my life has made any sense to me at all. I mean really.

You're just existing day in and day out and every once in a while you have a glimmer of feeling about something, but mostly. Not.

But lately I've been realizing that maybe I'm just not paying very good attention to anything. I mean, everyone always wants to analyze things happening - being coincidence, vs. random, vs. purposeful or spiritual or whatever and I've never really known for sure about any of that. I mean, I still don't know for sure about it really. Or how it all exactly works and fits together. But I have come to the conclusion that nothing is really random.

I mean, you can google random. And you might wind up here. If you just google random you'll get this image:

Which you know, kinda makes sense and doesn't seem all that random. I mean Einstein makes about as much sense as any random image that would appear on the top of a list right?

and if you google random flickr images you'll get this
and I would give credit to this photographer, but I have no idea who it is, because somehow google didn't know that. But it's a dude in Paris. And it looks like he might be wondering whether anything is really random either doesn't it?

And if you google me, the first random image you get is this:
Me with a diet coke? Yeah, that doesn't seem very random either. That's LIKELY.

And if you just randomly google my photography, you'll find this one comes up first:
which seems sort of surprising at first, because that's not even one of my most popular photos - it's not the one that got published and so it's not what you'd expect to find first. But guess what? It is my all time favorite. So that doesn't seem random to me at all. That seems appropriate.

So what the heck am I saying? I'm just being random I guess.

But my point is that every day things happen and if we really really pay attention...maybe nothing is random after all. Which is not to say things are immutable. Just that maybe if we pay attention, we can learn something.

Just my random thought of the day.

1 comment:

Suzanne Barker said...

Yeah, I don't really think life is that random. We don't always get it at first, but the more time goes by the less random things seem.


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