Monday, March 21, 2011

Orange Blossoms In The Air

I love it this time of year in Phoenix. I just started smelling the Orange blossoms on Friday. So for a little while, it will smell delicious outside all the time. Especially in our part of Phoenix where there are so many citrus trees. Our neighborhood, once upon a time, was old citrus groves and most of the homes still have the trees left from the groves (well, at least some). In fact, down the street from me is still a portion of that old grove in tact. It's zoned agricultural in fact.

So this time of year I get to thinking about how cool it is that I live somewhere that I can pick my own lemons in my back yard. When I was a kid growing up in chilly Idaho, that was an unthinkable thought! (of course, in Idaho, in my backyard, I had delicious raspberries every summer, and that's not possible here...there are always trade offs in life.)

Which leads me to thoughts of Orange Decor. I have really been loving Orange for a couple of years now. I don't actually have any orange in the house, but I really think if I were to do a total change of anything in the decor of the main part of my home, I would probably trade in my red for orange. I'm still not really sick of the colors I have though, so no change yet. But in my office that I'm going to re-model, I'm considering Orange as the main accent color in there - maybe an orange desk or chair even. We'll see. Anyway, I do love it though and I think there are a lot of good items out there right now in Orange. I just think it looks very refreshing!

So here's some orange inspiration for you:

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Noelle said...

I've totally been falling more and more in love lately with orange. There is a girl in my program with an orange stethoscope and I totally love it. haha :)


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