Saturday, November 06, 2010

Not just Daydreaming of Green...but becoming a Reality!


uess what?! Remember how for many many moons I've been talking about re-doing my bedroom??? Well I'm very excited to announce that it's actually going to be happening on MONDAY. So stay tuned for photos of the momentous occasion. I am thrilled. Thanks to my friends Suzanne and Cynthia I'm actually getting something accomplished. And I bought the paint today at Dunn Edwards and I went ahead with the Leprechaun in spite of my distaste for the name (why oh why couldn't they have called it summer grass or some other lovely thing...leprechaun is awful...but anyway). I always thought that would be a cool job. The person who names paint colors. Or car models. Or street names. I don't know why I always think about stuff like that. Does any one else think about that stuff? Like I'll drive by a street named Cinnamon and I'll think "oh I could live on that street" and then I'll drive by a street named Tubbs and I'll think ewww...wouldn't want to live there" and I actually think it might taint my decision to live on a particular street. But maybe I'm just weird like that.


In honor of my upcoming green I thought I would post some of my favorite darker greens and then we'll compare when I get things all completed in my new room The green I love is a very...grassy green, it looks like summer. I looks like all the days I spent in my yard laying in the grass looking up at the sky and just day dreaming. And I'm hoping that's how it will feel to live in a room like that. I may be a grown up, but I would still like to live in a room that allows me to day dream.


Cynthia said...

Yes, I have often thought about that . . . I want to live on "Sunnybrook Lane".
I'm looking forward to Monday.

Suzanne Barker said...

It's going to be great!

Bandanamom said...

AS BOLD as some of these greens are, I am thinking mine is even more so. I can't wait until the room is completely done and I can upload photos!


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