Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Think Pink


hink Pink, In the Pink, have you ever thought about where that comes from? In the pink means the pinnacle of something and more specifically often refers to being the pinnacle of health. I don't think that quite describes me right now, but I wish it did! My life is still on ongoing process which does not feel all that 'pink' at the moment. But I'm trying to be positive. So in light of that, let's celebrate pink today in a moment of hopeful.

Do you not love this? How can you not love this? I really wish I had the chutzpah to do something like this. It's like living in grown-up barbie's dream house isn't it?

This wallpaper would either have to go in a girl's bedroom or an ice cream parlor - but in this laundry room, I'm really digging it.

I keep thinking I would really love something comfy like this outside - I think I'd like to put a chaise or a bed out in my outdoor room. I like the furniture I have out there now, but none of it is super comfortable, I adore all the hot pink.

See isn't this awesome????? Ahhhh...I really really super duper heart this room.

the pink walls are so good in this room - think how the room would be so much more serious with any other color, maybe too serious, but because of the pink it's this kind of sophisticated place that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Is this not delicious? Oooooooo I really love the colors here!

Gorgeous, and what a great idea doing the box spring like that!!!! Makes me want to do something like that with my bed.

Oh doesn't this feel like you live in a happy candy box??? So great.

I love these colorful SMEG fridges. And I think that's a cement floor. I love this kitchen.

I know, it's a little girl's room. But I couldn't resist this. Isn't this the room you dreamed of when you were a little girl?

Large black and white checkered tile with pink walls? Yes, please!

Okay, I swear on a holy stack of bibles I am getting one of these Jacobsen chairs for my office. I keep saying that but for reals. Even if it's a reproduction knock-off, I must have one.

See? So nervy and so awesome!

Is this the bathroom of your dreams? Of course it is.

This feels like fairly land. This is actually Gweneth Paltrow's daughters bedroom (remember Apple?) Apple gets to live in fairly land.

And this is the most adorable baby's room evah.

I super much dig that couch, with those cushions with the art work and with the tangerines!

Simply fab. I adore the illustrated food on the wall too.

Another SMEG fridge. I really do think these are great, except they don't have an ice maker...that's a slight problem. But style-wise these rule.

Do you feel more in the pink?


Heidi said...

I really like the pink, orange, red combo in the 6th (i think) pic. I think i would like Marley's pink room a lot more if it was paired with red and orange.

Do you take requests? :)

I need exterior paint inspiration :)

Bandanamom said...

Good idea Heidi, I'll have to do an exterior paint post soon.

Ann Hatch said...

Love those walls in the laundry room, the pink fridge, and that "leafy" bed. Awesome!!!

Ann Hatch said...

Did you see this pink room?


Bandanamom said...

That's so funny Ann, I just saved that photo earlier today!


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