Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Orange you in love with Orange?


ow, in honor of Halloween, let's celebrate orange!

Orange was a big color this year. Suddenly a color that seemed too bold or too 1978 appeared on the scene and made a big impact. I grew to really love orange this year. Here are some awesome, inspiring rooms and decor featuring orange as a prominent player:

What other things were big this year in decorating besides orange? Zebra rugs, turquoise as an accent color, and maps and globes as accessories.

I love this idea of doing the bold orange outline in a white room. Orange looks so great with white.

Is this not one of the most opulent beds you've ever seen? Sooooo great.

Yes, it's a kids room. But it's a great kids room.

I adore this. I mean, it's really bold, but it feels so cheerful!

I so much love that headboard!

Almost anything would look great re-painted in a tangerine.

I adore these colors together.

This is a more low key orange, but it's really lovely here.

I can never get enough of these SMEG fridges. Makes the whole room.

Happy Halloween! (later this week...Black)

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