Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hi, Nice to Meet You, Google must have sent you Here, And you are?


always wonder what exactly people are looking for when they come to the blog. I actually also wonder who they are. It's interesting because people do not often comment, and yet hundreds of people visit the blog every month. Now that there are these nifty tools to keep track of why people come here, it's less of a mystery, but still very interesting (well, at least I can see why you show up, not really who you are, except what general geographic area you are coming from).

Last month a lot of people were looking for one of my favorite artists, Brian Kershisnik.

one of my favorites of his paintings...

And some people seemed to want to know more about Matt's Big Breakfast. (here's a tip, I tried to go by there for breakfast today w/ my two kids...but I forgot they are closed on was a bummer)

But lots of people type queries into google like this: "green bathroom looks good with blue tile?" or "pencil sketches on walls" or "who is Brian Christensen?" (answer: I have no idea, and I have no idea why google tried to trick you into thinking I knew the answer to that question) "dutch boy paint" (not sure why google landed you here for that either, I pretty much only use Dunn Edwards) and "surf's up" (also a bit of a google mystery, although I do talk about water quite a lot) or "inspiring images for decor and/or lighting in a brown room" and "brown rooms with black in them" and "light colored brown rooms" or "brown rooms that work" (SERIOUSLY! I am shocked at the number of people trolling the internet for brown rooms...who knew? And I am sorry that google directs you here only to find I mostly talk about colors which are not brown).

another brown room I like quite a lot...

One was "what the heck should I put on my walls/not kitschy". Well I do think you might find some ideas here for that. Here's one I've never talked about before though. Sometimes when I watch project runway I am very taken by their sketches. They are really cool! They are artistic and fun looking all on their own, completely separate from the actual designs themselves. And I was thinking - you know, those would look really cool as art work by, framed and on the wall. So here's something I think maybe you should put on your wall which is not kitschy. For heck's sake. (Dear Google: Do I say 'heck' a lot? Sincerely, bandanamom)


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Asia said...

I found your blog because: as I waited for my niece’s wedding photos to be saved from my camera to my computer, I checked my email. One email was from Mormon Messages and gave me a link to "Everything Creative: Documentary Three." I was interested in listening to the show since Cassandra Barney (James Christensen’s daughter) is the wife of my high school art teacher and she is so upbeat and passionate about art that she truly inspires me. As I listened, I helped my 4 small children and looked up images of Brian Kershisnik since I was not familiar with his work. I clicked on an image of "Brian Kershisnik" which was so obviously James Christensen's to figure out that Kershisnik's work had just been posted under that painting. And now I am inspired by your photos. And now I want to go create again; I'm not sure the motive only that passion is bubbling within. I am an artist, a painter who rarely brushes off the paint brushes lately. But the concepts and beauty are constantly being worked out within me.


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