Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brown Room...I may not love them, but you apparently Do...


ove brown rooms? I've often said that it's not one of my favorite colors for a room. Beige, even less so. But looking at the stats for my blog I see that people do searches for brown rooms all the time and end up here at my one piddly little post on brown rooms. So for you people who love brown rooms, here are some that I do find inspirational:

Even I have to love this room. Using the brown as a neutral is genius here.

Are we all a little tired of the pink and brown trend? Especially in little girls rooms and clothes? I definitely am. However, this I don't mind at all, because it's such a sophisticated look and because the brown is so deep, dark and lovely.

The wall color is nearly beige. Normally you might be afraid to add animal prints and introduce black and white with beige, most people tend to stick with earthier tones when they go beige or brown, but here the black and white works to keep it interesting.

First of all, I really love the ceiling in this room. How can you not just totally adore that? Second, for some reason this room makes me feel like I'm on an amazing and restful vacation somewhere fun. And oh how I wish that were the case. So I could stare at this for hours. Third, I am in love with orange this year, and this room adds just the right amount. So I really dig this room.

Almost a little too stuffy, but I love the pairing of the light blues with the browns and whites.

This is a good room - I love the large rug/carpet as it pulls everything together, and then the genius of painting that beam blue is awesome.

So there you go, a few brown rooms I love and approve of.

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