Sunday, July 06, 2008

Announcing A Fabulous Sale

Most of you know that Kirk and I collect art. We started collecting at Art One in Scottsdale because they are new and emerging artist's and there are great deals to be had. One of the things I love about discovering an artist there is that you can fall in love with something that's probably cheaper than a poster you could get framed at Michaels - and it will be far more meaningful to you and have a creative energy about it that will never exist in any reproduction or print you would buy in a store.

(our latest painting by Melanie Corradi, titled "girl" which we absolutely adore at top)

We've made some pretty decent choices over the years too - one of our favorite Artists is Brian Boner and Brian has now moved on to being represented by the Wilde Meyer Gallery (which also resulted in almost doubling the price of his work, and thereby, the value of some of our paintings). We've had some other similar good luck with some of the other artist's we've chosen. Even Brennan bought a painting for around $75 (on sale) one day and now that artist has moved on to another gallery, at triple her old prices.

So if any of you are even thinking of beginning a collection now is the time. Kraig at Art One is struggling a bit right now. During the booming economic times people had money to spare and they were spending it on art. Right now is a down time for the gallery. And summer is the worst - because often the people with money to spend go away for the summer. Kraig has pulled all his old inventory from the back rooms and in addition, has a lot of donated pieces from his artists. Some of his former artists have moved on to expensive Santa Fe galleries as well as museums, but they have still donated a few peices to keep him afloat this summer. We picked up a new painting yesterday for an absolute song because it was a donated piece. We paid about 1/4 of it's actual worth. He has things there right now for
as cheap as $30! Brennan decided to add to his collection yesterday and picked up a cool encaustic for $30. So if you've ever thought about it, go check it out, the gallery is full to the brim with cool stuff and most of it is not on the website. On a lot of the stuff you can just make him an offer. Last week you could have picked up a Steve Yazzie painting for 1/10 of the cost (though of course that was snatched up immediately)!

Here's an idea of some of the great things at the gallery, and these are not even the bargains! (though still a GREAT price).

By an artist we adore - Aaron Dunham, a totally nice guy and local artist - he did the two metal pieces in front of our house, as well as the benches - these are steel and enamel. Very cool between $300 and $1000.

Lydell Palermo has all these great bold candy colors right now - she has these hot pink panels I love (though I might have a hard time talking Kirk into them) - great abstracts for around $300

Erik Lyon is a super talented artist who spent a lot of time in South America sketching people on public transportation with amazing precision and feeling. This is a great sketch of downtown Phoenix. Almost all of his work is between $100 and $300.

Anthony Zeh has been with Art One for quite a while and only recently began doing these high energy abstraktions (his spelling). They really are so fun - I have two of them and I love the depth of color and complexity. Such a bargain too between $300 and $100 for most of them.

Tom Stephenson is one of the best airbrush artist's around. He does a lot of work on motorcycle airbrushing. His amazing paintings are all done free hand with no stencils or pre-sketching. This great piece on glass is only $300.

Kirk and I have not managed to get anything by this artist yet but we both really like her. Her name is Stephanie Bucholz she does both landscape and people with these interesting dark colors she somehow manages to keep the mood light in her paintings, which is very hard to do. Someday we will buy one of hers - this one called "personal Las Vegas" is $600. I guarantee Stephanie's prices will go up, up in the future.

Also I'll put in a little plug for Holden, Kraig is letting him have a little show of some of his artwork this month. He's been working in spray paint and has some pretty cool stencil work as well as free hand paintings and sculpture. He has about 6 pieces in a show.

Art One is located on Marshall Way just North of Indian School in Old Town Scottsdale.

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