Monday, April 23, 2007

My inverted world

Green Orb
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This is a photo I took a while back. It's pretty simple, it was just a marble while I was standing in my front room aimed towards the window, reflecting what is basically the world out my front door. That's my tree updside down and the neighbors house and my yard.

Right now my world feels a little like this - like everything is inverted somehow. I leave this Saturday for school and I was actually on the BYU website this morning trying to figure out parking - since I'm renting a car they won't let me buy a parking pass that has like a hang tag - you HAVE to attach it - and they are very rigid about this. And I definitely get the feeling that they are not very sympathetic to my situation and the fact that I will have a rental car - and a different rental car, every week.

I was getting frustrated but then I remembered - hey, I never had a parking pass the entire time I went to school before anyway! I really didn't. My parents probably would have given me the money for one but as it was they were already paying for everything and they were putting a certain amount of money in bank account every week (I don't really remember how much it was but I remember at the time the ATM machines would let you get out money in $5 increments and that's usually how much I got out - I think I would use $2 to get gas in the car - cause it was always running almost on empty and then the other $3 would keep me in food for a while. Mostly because the main thing I ate was 44 oz. diet cokes from the gas station next door to my apartment and pink cookies. Pink cookies were this odd thing that started in Provo. In fact, I knew a girl who worked there and frosted them. They were called Grandma's cookies and they were delicious and to die for. My friend Sam turned me on to them first because this girl...I can't remember her name, used to work there frosting them all night and she could bring home the screw ups, the ones that didn't come out quite right. Anyway, they were super, seriously delicious. Then they started to mass market them and now every super market in the country tries to mass produce them - well, something that looks like them. And they are ALWAYS very disappointing. Anyway, I diverge from my original point....

Which was what? Oh yeah. That I learned how to dodge the campus police back then and even though I'm WAY older and not as quick now - I think I'm smarter. So I can probably do it again.

But yeah, even thinking about going back - being there, parking, going to class. Is making me feel like I'm living in some kind of weird inverted world.


Anonymous said...

I think it looks like an eye...a beautiful cat's eye; can you see it? This means you have 9 lives. Going to BYU the first time has reduced you to 8, or having 3 kids has - I can't determine which.

Regardless, because of both experiences - you have expanded sight. Happy Launching.

Bandanamom said...

We shall see how I feel after this first week of weirdness. I had a dream last night and in my dream I was 18. I guess that's quite telling.


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