Saturday, April 28, 2007

First Impressions...back in Salt Lake & Utah

Freak out Salt Lake City
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First impressions:

There are a lot of mormons here. They are kind of everywhere, which once you've got not used to is weird to get used to again.

They have the best radio stations in the world in SLC. How is it that they are smaller than Phoenix and supposedly (based on what I just said in the previous paragraph...which I realize is going to sound badly biased) less sophisticated/worldly/hip whatever you want to call it. How is it that they have always been on the cutting edge music wise. You can listen to ANY kind of music on the radio here - and you can listen to really good underground indy type music that you just can't find anywhere on the dial in Phoenix. I don't get it. I always miss this about Utah when I come back to Phoenix.

They have CHEESE CURDS!!!! Cheese curds, just sitting next to all the fancy cheeses in the grocery store. I mean, I think I might have found them in Phoenix like once but they are plentiful here and I love, love, love them.

People drive older more beat up cars here and the neighborhoods are often sketchy looking but people still think of them as "safe". Which is a mistake I think. I mean ... I don't know, it just occurs to me that maybe mormons are a tad too trusting at times. They still don't ever lock there doors here - nobody I know does anyway.

My sister in laws house is across from the light rail and that dang train goes past literally every 5 minutes I think. And the train itself is very quiet but the darn little ding, ding, ding, warning thing at the cross road is annoying as all get out.

It's not hot. Which is weird too - because I was sort of starting to get used to that. But it's hot enough for a/c and they never use it so ironically, being spoiled by the a/c in's HOT inside the house. (probably like about 82 or something)

That is all for now. I will go to church tomorrow and tell you what that seems like.

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Anonymous said...

Bring home cheese curds please!


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