Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New 2013 Spring/Summer Lia Sophia Favorites

With my new job and school full time I really don't at all have time to devote to selling Lia Sophia.

But here's the problem:  I really love this jewelry.

Like I just honestly do not want to quit selling it mainly because I love it so much myself.

So my goal is to still submit at least one or two parties a month.  If you haven't seen the new Spring/Summer 2013 catalog, let me know and I'll get one to you.

Here are some of my new favorites! (some I own, and some I'm about to purchase):

You guys, this Contrary necklace is so great.  I wear it with EVERYTHING.  I love that it's long but can easily be worn shorter, that it's mixed metals and has all the crystals - and the shape of it is awesome.  $74

(but if you hostess a party, only $15! - you can do a catalog party if you want, you just have to have $250 in sales from your friends orders to qualify)

This one is so cute, and has matching earrings, love the corals and that minty blue/green - Alicante, I have both the necklace and earrings.  $128 for the necklace, $48 for the earrings - (necklace is $25 for a hostess)

The tourist necklace I do not have yet, but plan on having soon - I love the look of this one!  $58 ($15 for a hostess) 

This is one of my new favorites and I find myself wearing it all the time - Full Bloom - which is also on the new cover below - $98 ($15 for hostess)

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