Thursday, March 07, 2013

Happy, Restful, Cheery Homes

I've been so busy lately and it's only going to get worse with the new full time job I start in a couple of weeks.  It's pretty impossible to go to grad school, work full time, sell jewelry part time, have kids at home still AND pursue any of my other interests.  I have far less time for books, movies, projects, vacations, photography or pretty much anything else I am interested in doing.  This blog is one of the things that is going to suffer while I'm so busy.  I just don't have as much time to update it as I used to - even though I still routinely think of ideas that I want to blog. 

This particular blog is an indicator of where I am at in my life right now.  I'm in the process of re-doing a couple of rooms in my house (give me a break on what "process" means, this process is slooooow - more in the thinking and dreaming stage than the doing, but give me to the end of the summer and I think I'll have something to show you in a blog...I digress) - and in this process I find that I am drawn to calm, soothing, restful spaces.

This doesn't necessarily mean neutrals to me (I know it often does for other people).  But more muted, more whites and blues and greens.  That is restful to me. 

I'm drawing inspiration from some of these rooms.  Cooler colors like blues and greens tend to be restful for most people.  You will almost never go to a therapists office and see orange or red anywhere.  I love orange and red, but they are not restful or calm colors. 

Lately I've been thinking about how fun it might be to decorate an office someday.  Of course, that's a long ways off.  But it's still fun to think about.  I'm sure any future office will rely heavily on these types of inspiration as well:

It's funny some people don't think so - but what we surround ourselves with - what our homes look like - it really does affect us.  So if you're not feeling so happy lately - think about making a change in your space.  It might help!


I Am Boymom said...

I am fairly certain that one of the reasons I struggle with depression is that I have a hard time making my home environment look and feel the way I want it to look and feel. I have a hard time buying things for my home and I have an even harder time trying to keep my home clean and organized. I'm sure a lot of my home issues have to do with the fact that I never really know how long I will be living in the house I am in. my lack of stability that way makes it hard for me to want to invest time and energy decorating a home that I may not be in next year. Feels very unfair that my kids don't get to enjoy a nicely decorated home because their mom has issues from moving around so much during her lifetime. I am so ready to "find our place" and create a beautiful, warm and relaxing home environment for myself and my family.

bandanamomtoo said...

This kind of gives me an idea for another blog post Geri. I can understand that struggle. I always was frustrated when we lived in rentals with how little control I had over various aspects of the decor - not being able to paint for one was a big annoyance for me. But I do have some ideas that might help. I'll give you a heads up when I post on it.


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