Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer Pool Time

The past two days I have taken the time to get in the pool and float and goof off with my daughter.  It has been...well, absolutely lovely.

I love the water.  I love how I feel after.  I love the sun.  I love everything about it.  It's how summer should feel.  

Why I don't do it more often and take advantage of what is sitting in my back yard, I do not know.  Last summer a lot of the time it was because if I got in the water, I felt that I was being lazy about school and I would feel too guilty.  But what my problem has been this summer, I do not really know.

But I made my daughter a promise - and it's almost more of a promise to myself than it is to her in a way.  But that promise is that every day for the rest of the summer, I promise to get in for at least 20 minutes.  I mean, who doesn't have 20 minutes in their day?  I can find the time for that.

My other challenge is to keep the pool chemicals balanced.  So I did make the caveat that I'm not getting in if it looks like a swamp!  But I am getting better at figuring out how to balance everything.

Do you have a pool?  Easy access to someone elses pool?  UTILIZE it.  Are you thinking of building a pool but not sure?  DO IT.  I'm so glad we built ours.  My only wish is that we would have made it a diving pool.

enjoy summer while it lasts....

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Cathy said...

Yes we do! ^_^ We had it renovated last year after seeing my friend’s pool. We hired the same contractor that did their pool with jets and bubblers. We were supposed to go for the same thing, but my hubby and I figured a mini tanning ledge and in-water bench and table would be much more fun.

Cathy Newman


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