Thursday, July 05, 2012

Sometimes I'll watch "It's Complicated" again just to drool over the house...

Call me weird, but I am so in love with Meryl Streep's house in "It's Complicated" that I'll watch it over again just to look at that house.

To be fair, I really do like the movie a lot.  That movie helped my mental health more than I can possibly explain to you.

But all the same, the house is a dream house.

I don't even know what I'm exactly responding to here, but I think it's a combination of things.

It's so warm (and admittedly, maybe this is due in part to it being the house of Meryl's character, which she plays with incredible warmth).  It's comfortable.  It's large without being ostentatious.  It's the opposite of stuffy - everything is comfy.  It's this sort of Santa Barbara style which I find so effortlessly chic.  I'm perplexed by my like of how neutral everything is, but I do enjoy even that aspect of this house.  It gives it a sophistication.  It seems so good people have lived here for a long time.  I just love everything about it.


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Christal @ I Am Driven said...

Me Too! So much so that I found out that the house is currently for sale. The address is 714-W-Potrero-Rd-Thousand-Oaks-CA-91361. You can Google it and it comes up in Trulia with a complete slide show. If you watched the commentary after the movie, you'll know that the interior scenes were filmed in a Brooklyn studio. I make mention because although the scenes are very realistic, they are only similar to the real home. For instance, there is an eat-in kitchen but not as it is portrayed in the film. The real home does not have the seating arrangement in front of the sink but to the side as the kitchen does appear to be more a a galley style.

Never-the-less, I still agree with you and continue to admire the home. I know that I'd duplicate the living style as it is presented.


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