Monday, July 16, 2012

Artful Rooms

More rooms with art that I think makes them really wonderful.

A well placed photo of Audrey Hepburn will class up any room

Trend alert:  Fawns.  See also, bold painted furniture.

I love the bold geometric abstract with all the white.  Plus those day chaises are lovely. 

That's just a really beautiful piece of art that makes the room super interesting to look at. 

I love the appeal of all the pastel here, including the use of pastel in the art work.  

I'm obsessed with these types of old portraits you can find in thrift stores if you're super lucky.  There is a great one in a local restaurant that I want to steal.  

That's just such an awesome wall.  The room is mid century modern and then the art work somehow is too.  I love it!

Great graphic art for a kitchen/dining space.  Love the colors.  

This I love so much it compelled me to see if I could find something similar online (these are Warhol  prints, so even reproductions can be costly) - but I did find that there is a whole lot of art on Etsy which is Chanel inspired, and some of it is really great!  (and afordable)

The orange painting makes this room. 

This led us to decoupage an entire back of a door in my daughters room.  Photos coming soon. 

Well, I'm also obsessed with those occasional tables, but that painting is great too. 

Why does neon always give me an 80s happiness vibe?

I really love this ethnic print with the geometric fabrics below. 

I love the mix of stuff going on here and the painting really makes it all so much more intriguing.  It adds a lot of energy. 

Fantastic painting that would look great almost anywhere. 

I love the overall arrangement and how it favors neutrals and flora and fauna. 

Those are paint cans (used) inside a plexiglass.  Super cool. 

This is gorgeous and I LOVE the colors and the gold.  Gold is also a trend. 

I know more Warhol.  But isn't it great?

There is something so appealing about this whole thing isn't there?  

I don't know if that's an Eric Zener painting or not, but it sure looks like one. 

Fantastic photography, which is really all you need sometimes. 

Don't you love those splishy splashy painted plates?  Really cute. 

I am always so drawn to these smaller paintings in a group like this - colorful little bites against a neutral wall.  Just perfect.

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