Monday, January 09, 2012

Pink - Not Just for Princess'

So just because I'm trying to escape from the stress swirling around in my head today I decided to tackle some inspiration for a project that my daughter Jordan would really like to see me start.  Her bedroom REALLY needs some attention.  I've remodeled and re-done almost everything else in the house except her poor room, which is really just a hodge podge of things that really don't go together.

The poor child still has a platform bed from her early childhood (with a completely worn out mattress), a bright red desk, broken and broke down Ikea dresser which we tried to repair but can't actually be fixed because the brokenness is so extensive, old junky artwork that no longer works in the room, bad curtains which need to be replaced, a broken office chair that I meant to throw away but she retrieved from the curb, busted door mirror, my old cedar chest which is nice but matches nothing in the room, HORRIBLE AWFUL forest green carpet which has been there since we bought the house (the only room in the house to have original carpet actually), and a lot of mis-matchy stuff that does not work and way too much crap that we just need to donate or chuck (like I don't know, about a million stuffed animals she's not crazy about parting with).  It just really doesn't work for her anymore and I would like her to have a nicer room for the rest of the few years she'll still be at home.  And she's been very patient about waiting her turn to get a remodel.

So.  She's decided she wants a SOPHISTICATED pink room.  Here are some inspiration photos I found today.

I'll take some "before" photos soon and keep you posted.  The project itself will probably take a while, as I'm trying to do it as inexpensively as possible.


Raven Blackmane said...

How can you not go with Betsey Johnson's pink room? All of them are super sophisticated though, nice shots.

Suzanne Barker said...



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