Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's okay to buy yourself flowers!

I remember growing up I had this sort of fantasy idea of people buying flowers.  Like it was this really romantic thing.  And I'm not saying it isn't - but sometimes we get stuck in these weird constructs that if we really analyze it, make no sense at all.

While it's true that it's very nice when someone buys or brings you flowers, it can be just as nice to strip flowers of that particular social/romantic/ meaning and just realize, they are flowers.  They are a part of nature, they are beautiful, and they can be enjoyed rather inexpensively, almost any time we choose, and we don't have to wait until they are a gift from someone else.

In fact, they are probably one of the least expensive things we can do just to be nice to ourselves and our homes.  A little gift, just for you.  Put them in your bedroom or on your desk - somewhere that you'll enjoy them the most.

Consider learning a little more about floral arrangements so you can make them look great.  Here are some super simple designs of flowers purchased easily in the grocery store.  Right now a bunch of french tulips at Fresh and Easy are only $5.

If you're allergic, considering buying a bowl of beautiful fruit and putting it somewhere prominent.  Unusual pears or apples in gorgeous colors!

I have little white roses outside in my year nearly year round and I like to put just a few in a small jar or teacup.  You can also trim limbs from trees (especially when the orange and citrus are in blossom!), cut herbs from your garden, or use trimmings from bushes and plants like Lantana or Rosemary plants.

It's like a little sacrifice nature makes to make your world more beautiful.  Enjoy!


Raven Blackmane said...

I love tulips. Why shouldn't I buy myself some flowers? Although, my baby and I did plant, I hate waiting. Okay, I'll buy flowers.

Selena said...

When I was a nanny, my employer bought fresh flowers at least once a week. I loved the fragrance and beauty of always having them around!


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