Friday, January 14, 2011

A year of music


usic isn't something I talk about a whole lot on the blog, but it is something I care a great deal about. I like the way that music can alter your mood instantly. I like that when I'm trying to be motivated to accomplish a specific project there is particular music or a playlist that will help me along. I have itunes lists called "cleaning", "study", "mellow", "summer", "sunday" and many many more. My taste in music is very diverse. Probably the only genre of music I really don't like very much is country (though I will tolerate it okay while eating a steak dinner...I have no idea why it doesn't bother me when I'm in a steak house).

I adore discovering new bands or groups that I love or obscure music from other countries I've never heard before. I also love when you're watching something on tv, or listening to a radio program or viewing a movie and suddenly there's a song that you totally forgot about, and forgot how much you loved it! Then you can run home and buy it on itunes. Often, I discover music in the score of movie. I will frequently wait around for the credits so that I can go home and search for a particular song.

Music is like the thing that fuels everything else. It reflects our moods, but it can change them too. It can transform and transport.

Here is a list of music I bought in 2010 (and I've added some of them to the music player as well), some new discoveries and some old friends:

Abel Korzeniowski - a Polish composer who does lovely contemplative pieces

Michael Jackson - although I already had a few of Michael's songs in my play list, after seeing the movie "This Is It" I remembered some favorites that I had nearly forgotten. It wasn't really cool to like Michael Jackson (except in a very general nostalgic sense) prior to his death, but it's become acceptable again.

Donna Summer - I went through a brief disco reminiscence there for a while.

The Smiths - 80s they're always awesome.

Yann Tiersen - I only had his work from the film score of Amelie, but he's done some other interesting work as well

MGMT - I discovered these guys in 2009, I really dig them.

Samantha Ronson - I got oddly obsessed with one of her only songs which became popular a few years ago, mostly she dj's but I've listened to "Built Like This" about 800 times this year (okay I exaggerate - itunes said I listened to it 357 times...that's still A LOT)

Tegan and Sara - odd little indie duo that I really like

Frank Sinatra - I was in a Vegas mood

Doris Day - I wanted a copy of Que Sera Sera cause I used to sing it all the time when I was young

Dionne Warwick - I got obsessed with "Say A Little Prayer" there for a couple of days

Phoenix - cool indie group

Vampire Weekend - I've liked them for a couple of years

Pixies - got obsessed with "Here Comes Your Man" and listened to it 332 times beating out the Ronson song!

The Psychedelic Furs - 80s nostalgia strikes again

Diana Ross - I had an "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" craziness there for a day or two

Hole - Courtney Love got into me there for a few days

Joao Gilberto - I love to listen to Brazilian music sometimes - Bossa Nova

Jennifer Hudson - she has about 2 songs I really like

Alicia Keys - one song that I kinda like

Len - I love "Steal My Sunshine", I have no idea why

The Human League - 80s again

Metric - I was in a techno mood there for a few weeks and I love the message behind the song "Gold Guns Girls"

Air - ditto

Alexi Murdoch - nothing better when you're slightly depressed

Elvis Costello - I've always really liked him

Belly - I almost forgot how much I liked "Feed the Tree"

The Libertines - some good stuff even though that lead singer is a messed up heroin addict

Morrissey - I love Morrissey so much I wrote poetry about him in the 80s...wanna hear the poem?

oh mr. morrisey
oh how lovely it would be
if i could melt myself into the music of your minds machinery

What can be better than music that makes you pen a verse?

Did you discover anything this year that you loved?


Sarah said...

You would have loved Austin. I wish I would have met you there. We could have gone to shows together.

Bandanamom said...

Oh I'm sure I would have loved Austin. I have friends who were in the ward for a while and who just moved there in the past 2 years. They love it too. They were awesome, you would have loved them.

Suzanne Barker said...

Very interesting post, Lezlee! I just looked at what I bought lately. I have discovered some new folks this year. One is Sharon Jones and the Daptones. She is pretty amazing. I am pretty influenced by interviews I see on CBS Sunday morning. I tend to buy music after I see the interviews.
I just got some Bruno Mars. Very mainstream pop, but fun.
I decided I was interested in Doo Wop after seeing something else and got a collection of those type of songs.
I also love to get the Grammy Nominees collection every year. It always introduces me to folks without having to commit to a whole album of theirs.
I got Dierks Bentley after seeing an interview that he was from Phoenix.
I admit I bought Justin Bieber.
I really enjoy Sugarland and got one of theirs this year. Not a big country fan, but she has amazing pipes and I love their spare style.
Found I was lacking in my general collection and added: Eagles, Billy Joel, Al Green, Adele, Duffy, the Rascals and Seals and Crofts. I'm sure there were others.


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